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registering for classes

It’s almost time to register for classes for the spring 2015 semester. Can you believe it?! I feel like I just started my sophomore year of college and am now almost half way through it. Picking out what classes you want/need to take can be fun, yet challenging at the same time. I’ve come up with two tips to help you in making your class schedule for next semester a little easier.

1. Get the general education courses out of the way!

Since Fontbonne is a liberal arts school, that means we focus on getting a well-rounded education in all subject matters like math, science, English and so on. That means students are required to take courses in those fields. I suggest getting them out of the way early so you can focus on courses within your major later in your college career, making the information you learn more relevant since you will be entering the job force soon.

2. Be realistic!

Can you really take those 21 credit hours you begged your advisor to sign you up for? It might sound like a great idea at first, but when you’re stressing out during the middle of the semester, just know I warned you! Yeah if you took 21 credit hours next semester, you could graduate a semester early, but why stress yourself out and have a lower GPA because you can’t handle the course load. I think anywhere between 12 hours and 18 hours is a good amount for students to take a semester.

Hopefully these tips were of some help!


Hey guys,
Don’t forget to register for classes next week!! It is very important to register at your designated time slots! Otherwise, you might not get in those classes– eeeks!!
If you are unsure of your Registration Time go to Student Management and it tells you on the home page!!

Happy Registering!


Alumni Posts

Changing courses

by Alumni Posts on November 11, 2011

in Academics

Part of me feels like this semester just began, but then there is a (big) part of me that thinks it has been dragging on and I just want it to end! I can see the finish line, and I feel so close. I just picked out my classes for next semester, and met with my advisor on Monday…now I just have to wait til my time slot next week to register! I am so excited, I think I will like my classes next semester. Don’t get me wrong, I do like (most of) my classes this semester, but after awhile I just get worn down from them and want some change.

My favorite class this semester was Dr. Moore’s Honors Comp 1. He always had us sit in a U around his chair and we would discuss the reading from the night before, and his papers are very flexible and you can be really creative with them. It’s a lot of fun because I have really gotten to know the other 9 students in the class 1) through class discussions and 2) through reading their papers. It is a really laid-back, fun class to be in.

The class this semester that I have had to work the hardest in is positively Discrete Mathematics. It’s completely different from any other math I have ever taken. Hardly any numbers in it. It is basically all proofs and symbols. It’s been tough for me, but I am trying my best and have to take it if I ever want to become a high school math teacher.

I also have really liked my Psych of the Exceptional Child class a lot more than I thought I would. All the information is very interesting and I think will be very valuable in my future as an educator.

Next semester I will be taking: Honors Comp 2, Art Appreciation, Statistics, Calculus 1, and Developmental Psych. –> I am looking forward to each one for a different reason and hope my second semester of college goes as well as the first (but hopefully even better!)


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