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Register for classes

Itโ€™s almost time to register for classes for the spring 2015 semester. Can you believe it?! I feel like I just started my sophomore year of college and am now almost half way through it. Picking out what classes you want/need to take can be fun, yet challenging at the same time. Iโ€™ve come up with two tips to help you in making your class schedule for next semester a little easier.

1. Get the general education courses out of the way!

Since Fontbonne is a liberal arts school, that means we focus on getting a well-rounded education in all subject matters like math, science, English and so on. That means students are required to take courses in those fields. I suggest getting them out of the way early so you can focus on courses within your major later in your college career, making the information you learn more relevant since you will be entering the job force soon.

2. Be realistic!

Can you really take those 21 credit hours you begged your advisor to sign you up for? It might sound like a great idea at first, but when youโ€™re stressing out during the middle of the semester, just know I warned you! Yeah if you took 21 credit hours next semester, you could graduate a semester early, but why stress yourself out and have a lower GPA because you canโ€™t handle the course load. I think anywhere between 12 hours and 18 hours is a good amount for students to take a semester.

Hopefully these tips were of some help!


Welcome back from our “Spring” Break! I know it started off more like a winter break, but it did get warmer. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope everyone is doing well, now that we have to get back to our school mode. I can actually say that my break was pretty good. Of course, I worked the whole week but got to hang out with my siblings on the first Monday, then hung out with my sister and two friends yesterday.

My two friends were Kim Dang and Nga Tran, and they’re both international (Vietnamese) students at Fontbonne. Mary (my sister) and I are St. Louis residents so we hung out with Kim and Nga to show them around. We were planning for a tour of downtown St. Louis, but time didn’t work out. Anyways, our first trip was to Bubble Tea, a little Asian cafe in the Delmar Loop. It’s one of our favorite places. We ordered their popular boba drinks and ate some food, too. Yummy!

Afterwards, we just took a tour down the loop. We wanted to check out Craft Alliance but they’re closed on Mondays. Ha ha. So we stopped by Star Clipper, a comic book store. The main area we looked at was the Japanese manga section. We’re so Asian for that! And because we’re big fans of manga and anime. I found the new editions of Sailor Moon and decided to buy the first two volumes. Mary and I actually used to own the old versions of Sailor Moon, but we threw them away because they were torn (what a waste!). However, I’m going to start collecting them again, slowly. I also found the Bone series! Not the scary drama series, but the ones with the cartoon guys who are going on adventures and such. I’m planning to collect those as well! So excited!

Mary chose a Soul Eater manga book’s first volume. When we were about to check out, we saw little phone links at the front desk. They have Hello Kitty, the Chinese Lucky Kittens, a cow head, etc. They were so cute! We all looked at them and wanted to buy them, too. Mary and I asked Kim and Nga which ones they like, so we bought those for them. ๐Ÿ™‚ A meaningful friendship has begun! ๐Ÿ˜€

After that, we continued to tour. Soon, we reached the end of the loop so we turned back to head to the mall! At the first light, we crossed to the other side (the motivation was because of the sun). As we walked, Kim and I noticed a store that also sells art work. As you may already guessed, we went in! Wow, what a beautiful store of work. So many pretty things made by local artists. I thought we were only going to look around, but Mary and I bought something: she bought a necklace for herself, and I bought presents for my friends’ birthdays that are coming up. If you’re wondering, the store is called Componere (with a ^ above the o). We’re definitely coming back.

Finally, we’re back to the car! Then headed off to the Galleria Mall. We visited a few stores, like Hot Topic, Love Couture, Wet Seal, and Victoria’s Secret. Mary and Nga actually bought some things at Wet Seal. Their prices are very affordable. I’m still waiting patiently before buying anything else (need to save up!).

We continued to stroll then stopped by the American Cookies spot and Mary bought red velvet brownies for us. We ate and chatted then headed back out. Mary and I dropped Nga and Kim off at Fontbonne, then headed home.

It was such a fun day before going back to school. ๐Ÿ™‚ Again, I hope you all had a great break! Don’t forget to register for classes this week! ^_^

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