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This Thursday, April 18th, is the 3rd annual Environmental Fair! It will be happening from 11-2, in the meadow (weather permitting) or in the AMC of Medaille Hall! To remind you all how awesome the fair is, I’ll show you some pictures from last year.

Don’t forget you can borrow bikes from Environmental Club!

Raffle prizes! Plenty of that this year.

Organic farms!

Missouri Botanical Gardens Earthways Center!


The HES garden!

SEE HOW AWESOME!?!?! Super, then I’ll see you there.


Do you like to shop? I love to shop. Unfortunately, constantly buying new things and throwing out the old is not a very eco-friendly move. So can one be both an environmentalist and a shopaholic? Of course. The first step is getting rid of the things you no longer need or want – but just because you don’t want them doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t! So donate your old clothes, games, toys, electronics, furniture, etc. so they can find a happy new home, or find a recycling center that will accept items that are beyond repair. A quick Google search can work wonders for finding ways to recycle things.

Now for the fun part – buying more things! There are tons of antique markets, consignment shops, and second-hand stores near Fontbonne, and they are perfect for finding one of a kind items. One store I’d like to highlight is [RE]FRESH, which happens to be right across from another shopping mecca, the St. Louis Galleria. [RE]FRESH is a clothing store that benefits foster and adoptive care children. They accept clothing donations from the public, and sell them at a very reduced rate to these children, who don’t have much to spend on clothing. However, the public is also able to shop for clothing (also at very reasonable prices) and the proceeds go back to the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition. They have a wide variety of clothing for men, women, and children, and the money goes to a great cause! So support the community and the environment – go shopping today!


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