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Gettin’ Crafty

by Alumni Posts on October 24, 2011

in In Saint Louis

Now that midterms are over, all of my classes are in that stage where we’ve just started a new unit, so there aren’t any impending quizzes or tests to freak out about.  This is nice for several reasons:

a) I have a 731-page book on Alexander Hamilton to plow through ASAP for one of my classes.  Not looking forward to this.

b) As much as I like learning stuff,  school’s not really my thing this semester, and the novelty of the new school year has definitely worn off.

The most exciting reason I’m glad I don’t have much homework!

I’m making a Rally Squirrel costume for Halloween!  The plan for the costume seemed simple:  just wear head-to-toe brown, wear a Cardinals hat with ears stuck on it, and then use a brown feather boa as a tail.

Everything’s going fine, except for getting that darn tail to look the way I want it to.    It’s okay if I double it over, tuck one end of it into the back of my skirt, and safety-pin the rest up my back, but the leftover boa at the top just kind of flops over.  To try to fix this, I got my paws – er, hands – on some pipe cleaners and I’m trying to use those to get the end of the boa to kind of curl down at the end and make the tail to look less floppy and more squirrel-y.

I haven’t been very crafty in the past few years, so I’m pretty rusty at this.  I’m trying, though!

Despite my current frustration, I’m rather psyched.  I’m going to be a GREAT-lookin’ Rally Squirrel (if I do say so myself.)

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Rally Squirrel!

by Alumni Posts on October 18, 2011

in In Saint Louis

With the Cardinals now officially participating in the World Series, it’s a great time to be a Saint Louisan.  All of my friends (and even my professors) are overly excited about tomorrow night’s Game 1.

You may wonder why I’m blogging about the Cardinals.  After all, most of you probably know that I’m a theatre and biology person.  I’m really not all that interested in sports; however, baseball is the one sport that I can (and do) get in to.  (I think I like baseball so much because of the score cards.  I love being able to keep a written record of the game, plus it makes me pay attention to what’s going on during the game!)

My family was lucky enough to get some of the last single tickets available for Friday night’s game against the Brewers.  So, my parents, my friend and fellow blogger Elizabeth, and I bundled up in hoodies, jackets, gloves, and hats in order to take our seats in the third row from the top of the stadium.  The game was a very exciting one, and it was pretty quick at only 3 hours 9 minutes. 

Elizabeth and I agreed that our favorite parts of the game occurred when a Rally Squirrel mascot came out with Fred Bird to cheer on the Cards.  (For those of you who are unaware, a squirrel ran across home plate a few times during previous postseason games, so now everyone, including the Cardinals, have joined the “Rally Squirrel” bandwagon.)  It was really funny to see a squirrel throwing out prizes to the crowd!

So enjoy being a Saint Louisan during this exciting time, and good luck to the Cardinals as they begin the World Series.  And, in the modified words of the great Jack Buck, “Go Nuts, Folks!  Go Nuts!” 


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