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Fontbonne After Dark is a podcast that me and Lauren (fellow blogger) created as a way to have our own “radio station” on campus. I had always thought of having my own talk show or being a host on a radio show because who doesn’t want to be in the industry? After I saw an episode of ‘Kourtney and Khloe take Miami’,  Khloe had a radio show titled ‘Khloe After Dark’ and she talked about anything she wanted; I knew from that moment that I wanted to do something of that nature. It was the summer of 2015 that i sat down and mapped out three episodes of what is now ‘Fontbonne After Dark’. I discussed the premise of the show and what it could potentially be, since we are a small campus; however, my peers said this was an amazing idea. Time moves on and like any other person who is creating a show, they look for co-hosts and i stumbled upon my good friend Lauren. Immediately she on board and we were soon on our way. It was the summer on 2016 that the two of us started to get down t business.

In the month on July, I created the intro and outro music of the show alongside some promo for the social media. After that was done, Lauren gather some equipment that we could use to start our journey. At first, things were shaky because we didn’t know how to use the microphone or the hand-held device but we figured it out. Later own in this process we recorded a trial episode to ship to a professor that was going to help us get started. Lauren handled all of the logistics and I handled the promotional pieces. The school year begins and we are ready to take off. Our first episode on Leadership had some really good views and Lauren and I are happy thhat this project that we’ve been working on for about a year is actually happening. Fontbonne After Dark premiered on Thursday, September 29th via Twitter.

If you would like to be a special guest email Lauren at

Have a topic you want us to discuss? DM us on Twitter: @fontyafterdark

Catch us every Thursday at 9:30 pm on Twitter!



Hopefully you guys have seen Fontbonne’s twitter and multiple social media posts by me and my co-host DeMarcus about our now-official podcast, Fontbonne After Dark!

It has been such an exciting journey so far and we’re so eager to really get into what Fontbonne has to offer and what students, faculty, and staff what to hear. We posted our first episode last Thursday night and you can go listen to it here!:

Our structure is pretty loose, but we try to stick to roughly this: start with an intro of sorts that includes a catch up of what’s happened since the last episode, discuss a topic that relates to school or current events, then we dive into upcoming Fontbonne events for the week. I hope to start promoting some events outside of Fontbonne, so that people can know what’s going on in lovely St. Louis!

Our main goal is to make the podcast interactive. We want to take YOUR suggestions and talk about things that would be beneficial to you. As seniors, it’s very cool to have this outlet to give advice, talk about what’s happening on campus, and hopefully bring the community closer together.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! If you want to request anything for the podcast email me at!



Listen to This!

by Lauren on August 1, 2016

in Extracurricular

This coming year is my last year at Fontbonne. I can’t believe how it’s flown by! While I am incredibly excited, I feel like I’m not ready to leave my Fontbonne family. This last year, I intend to make an impact and hopefully leave my mark.

DeMarcus and I are planning something special. A podcast just for Fontbonne! His brilliant idea has spiraled into a non-stop brainstorming session. We’ve been meeting occasionally over the summer to discuss the structure, format, topics, technicalities, and practicalities.

Our next step is to record a mock-up/test episode that I can edit and spiff up with DeMarcus’ wonderful into and outdo tunes (amazing.) There are a lot of steps involved and right now we are in the very rough, beginning stages. But I definitely think this is an idea worth pursuing.

We would love to hear what you, the Fontbonne population, wants to hear!


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