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Procrastination. We all do it! It is everyone’s best friend yet an enemy at the same time. You never get things done, leave it to the last minute, and so on.  Here are a few things you could do to step up your organizational gameimage & avoid procrastination . 1. Use a planner of some kind; keep due dates of important events, assignments, tests/quizzes and large projects in that planner. It is scientifically proven that if you hand write something, you are more likely to remember it better. But what if a planner isn’t your thing? 2. In that case, most (if not all) digital calendars have several helpful features: A. Re-occurring events is one. I200_sf you know for a fact that you have a test in a class every Wednesday, have that calendar push a reminder every week so that you never forget about that important test. B. Another great feature is the frequency of the reminders. Here’s a real world example: I have Board Meetings that I need to constantly attend. So I have my phone remind me several times about it in this exact order: 2 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes prior to the Board Meetings. This not only lets me know that I have a meeting coming up, but it also give me an idea of how much time I have left before I have to leave for the Board Meetings. C. To go even further – have the calendar remind you in advance (i.e. Due date is Dec. 5; remind me on Nov. 20th @ 8 AM). 3. And finally, one EXTREMELY helpful tip that I don’t know if everyone uses is: Let’s say you have a project or a 12 page paper due within a month or two. No one ever told you that you had to complete it in one sitting. Break it up! Divide the project or paper up into smaller sections so it doesn’t look so overwhelming. Completing smaller parts = less stress. Until next time guys, stay classy!


Ever since I can remember, I have been go go go. I never seem to slow down or have a break. I love this aspect of my life. I hate not having things to do and my friends and family will tell you that I do my best work and am my best self when I have many things going on. Honestly, when I have many things going on, I sleep better, I eat better, and I am just on my A game.

Although some people may not do well under pressure, stress and deadlines give me life, rather than drain me. I work three jobs right now and go to school full-time. I am working very hard to keep my grades up and my performance at my jobs at the highest level possible. Although I may be stressed out and have to go from place to place all day and night, I am able to stay on track and accomplish my missions and tasks.

My planners are my best friends. I have two planners that I use every day: one for my school work and one for my personal life, appointments and work schedules. Having a lot going on, I am preparing myself for my future. I plan to have a family, work, be involved in groups and organizations, and maintain a social life. This is teaching me how to manage my time and learn to handle all of the tasks that people ask me to take on. The most important thing a person coming into college needs to learn to do is time management.

Time management allows me to get everything done on time and manage to have time for myself. This does allow me time for leisure, I just plan it out. Moreover, this planning allows me to have flexibility because I know all of the things I have going on so I am less likely to cancel appointments and meetings and I am able to be the most responsible.


My advice is that if you are struggling with time management, get a planner and take the time to plan out your time. It sounds silly, but taking the time to plan out your week every Sunday or Monday, you will be able to know what are you doing for the week so few things will surprise you! Take the time to plan your time because time is valuable and time is money!




My backpack is almost always filled to capacity. Being a commuter, I have a tendency to live out of my car as well as my backpack.

First, my backpack. I carry a maroon and leopard print PINK backpack. It wasn’t too pricey and has held up pretty well with all of my textbooks.

pink bp

In the smallest pocket in the front of my backpack, I carry almost all of my pencils and pens as well as a variety of hand sanitizers and snacks. I used to carry a pencil case, but I like the convenience of being able to reach in the pocket and fish around for whatever pen I need. I am a stickler about hand sanitizers and it is always good to have a snack on hand.


Next, in the middle section of my backpack, I have two of the most important things in my school and work life. I carry my markers and my planner. I cannot live without a planner. I have two physical planners and three electronic planners. This is probably a bit much, but I hate missing events or forgetting things! I currently use a Lilly Pulitzer planner in size larger. I like how it offers a month calendar as well as a weekly breakdown. It helps me remember all of my assignments, quizzes, exams, and shifts at work. I would be lost without my planner so I highly recommend investing in one you really like. Mine is also a 18 month planner so it helps me bridge the gaps between semesters.


My markers are Staedtler Markers. I bought mine at Target and I have them with me all the time. These markers are more like pens. I have the 10 pack because I like the variety of colors and I use them almost everyday in every class. I separate sections of notes by different color ink and these pens/markers give the color and vividness of marker, but do not bleed through the paper, much like pens do not bleed through.


The last section of my backpack is the largest section. In that section, I always have my laptop and my laptop charger. Although I do use the computers on campus a great deal of time, I like being able to sit anywhere with my laptop or lay in bed and finish an assignment. A laptop is a college must and picking one depends on your personal needs and preferences. This is also a need in a few of my classes that require the daily use of a laptop in class.


The next item in my backpack is my notebook. I only take notes on paper in 3 of my classes and the other one’s I take notes on handouts. A three subject notebook works perfectly for me because I never have to wonder if I grabbed the right notebook or not. This is in my backpack everyday!


Next, I have my expandable folder. This is a must!!! It keeps all of my papers and handouts in one place and I do not have paper all over the place. I keep extra computer paper and loose leaf in the back just in case. I also keep two copies of my resume in the expandable folder because you never know when you’ll need one and it is easier to have an up-to-date version already printed off!


The last thing in my back pocket of my backpack changes everyday. I typically have at least two textbooks in my backpack. It changes daily with my classes and depends on my class load each day. However, bringing the assigned textbook to class everyday is a must because professors expect you to have them and you spend so much on them, so you might as well get a good use out of them.


In the side pockets of my backpack, I may have an umbrella or a soda, water, or energy drink.


That is what is in my backpack, what’s in yours???




5 Things Under $10 that Every College Girl Needs

1. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

These pens are the most amazing pens I have ever used. They come in a variety of colors and I have the neon pack. They are great for color-coding notes and your planner. These are a little over $8 and can be bought at stores like Target, Office Max, and even Amazon.

2. Planner

Planners come at all costs, but this one is great and under $10. Planners help keep all of your assignments and meetings organized in one place. You can even use the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens to write all of your assignments down. These 3can be bought almost anywhere, even the grocery store.

3. Pepper Spray

I wish this wasn’t on my list of things needed for college, but it is. Pepper Spray is a must for women at universities throughout the nation, as a form of protection and a mechanism that gives me an additional sense of safety on my walks around campus. These can be purchased at almost any store and if you can only get one thing on this list, this would be my pick.

4. Water Bottle

Having a water bottle on campus is a must because you need to stay hydrated and not have to use plastic water  bottles every day that are harmful to the environment. Moreover, this is more convenient for students because this water bottle can be hooked onto a backpack with a clip quiet easily.

5. ID or Card Holder

I have a key card and a student ID. Whether you live on campus or not, you will still have a student ID and you’ll need a place to keep it. This is something I have on me as much as I have my phone on me! These can be bought most places and several designers, such as Vera Bradley, have a variety of slightly more expensive options.

Hope you find these items help when planning your supplies for next year!





My Advice? Get a Planner!

by Fontbonne University September 30, 2015

One thing that I would advise students to have is a planner. It is vital to keep track of classes, assignment submission  and testing dates. You can also keep important phone numbers and family occasions. A planner will help keep you organized with all important information in one place. I would also suggest that student […]

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The Key to a Successful Balance

by Fontbonne University February 12, 2015

College can be crazy. It can be difficult at times to find the balance between academics, extracurricular activities, and your social life. Sometimes we tend to “over schedule” ourselves, which is never a good thing. Personally, I feel like there is one key tip that unlocks the perfect balance between all your commitments. And what […]

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What Saved Me In College

by Alumni Posts February 17, 2014

For college there are two things I recommend getting besides the obvious textbooks. That is a planner and a flash drive. These two things will save your life in college. The planner kept me organized and reminded me of what I had to do each day and when assignments were due. I like to be […]

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by Alumni Posts September 28, 2011

In high school, I didn’t really need to have good time management because I didn’t have a lot to worry about. I could have time for clubs, sports, classes, friends, have time to go to Friday night football games, and still get good grades in all my classes. Coming into college, I never realized how […]

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