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This past Friday, my friends and I entered a medieval world of pizza, soda, and laser tag. Yes, you guessed it – we participated in the Fontbonne-sponsored laser tag event at The Edge in Belleville, Illinois.

I have never before been laser tagging. And, in all honesty, I was not planning on going to this Fontbonne event. However, all of my biology-major friends convinced me to go, and then my friend and fellow blogger, Elizabeth, decided to join me.

During the three rounds of play, Elizabeth, Stephanie (one of my friends from chemistry and microbiology), and I decided to form our own little team. Even though we were all technically on different teams during the rounds, we had a truce among ourselves so that none of us would get lost in the medieval-themed playing field.

I was so shocked at how intense the game was. Though we weren’t running during the game, we were constantly walking around while dodging and darting in order to avoid other players’ lasers. Between the rounds of play, we all went back to our party room, where we ate pizza and checked our stats on our individual record sheets.

I’m extremely glad I took my fellow bio majors’ advice and went to this event. I had an absolute blast despite the fact that one of my scores was in the negative. I definitely plan on going laser tagging again next year. Hopefully, my score will improve with experience!!!


So the school sponsered a trip to a laser tag joint. Best night ever. We all got three free games, free pizza and pop, and the Blues game was on in between rounds (they won 3-0). What more can you ask for? My only regret from the night is getting schooled by Cameron Braun. Other than that, we all had a great time.


This past week has been a whirlwind. Last Saturday was Dance Marathon! We raised $166,807.65 for the Children’s Miracle Network! It was an awesome experience and totally worth the weak knees after 12 hours of dancing. It was an extra treat for Fontbonne because we won the most spirited award for the whole event! I definitely had a good time and made a few friends in the process!

The week following had a lot of things going on too. The Pointersaurus contest (which is a giant pizza-eating contest for those of you who are unfamiliar with it) proved to be very interesting. Two members of the cross country team were in the lead for most of the contest, but I heard later that one of them almost vomited on the other! Yikes! The FAB board also gave away attendance prizes and every person at my table won something. One of my friends won a set of coasters, another won a Fall Dance ticket, and I won a cooler cup. My other won friend tickets to a Blues game!

Friday night was the kickoff of the basketball season here at Fontbonne with the annual Late Night with Lee McKinney Alumni vs. Student basketball game. It wasn’t only the kickoff of the of the men’s and women’s basketball seasons, but it was also the much anticipated debut of the Griffin Girls. Even though I wanted to go, I had something else going on. I can’t wait until the first basketball game of the season when I get to see the teams play and the dance team and cheerleading teams perform! There is so much to look forward to as the semester winds down!

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