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Pi Day

While it’s not officially Spring yet, I’ve noticed many people around the Fontbonne Campus catching “Spring fever.”

Our campus’ hammocks have also appeared in the Medaille Meadow, which should be a sure sign of Spring coming!

Along with this, I’ve noticed more sunny days and the Fashion Merchandising Students are getting ready to host their Spring Fashion Show at [RE]FRESH by collecting reused clothing and looking for/casting models for the Fashion Show on April 26th! If you live around the area, you should definitely check it out!

A collection bin on campus for clothing to donate to REFRESH!

My Fellow Fontbonne Friends and I modeling at the Fashion Show last year.

Other exciting happenings around campus as we prepare for Spring…

The Environmental Club helped us get these nifty blue recycling bins for Fontbonne Residents!

There was a Pi Memorization Contest in honor of Pi Day! My friend Claire (on the right) won with memorizing 115 digits of Pi!

Peace, Love, & Sunshine.


Once again, my daughters to the rescue! With my papers and exams piling up on me for tomorrow, I was afraid that Pi Day would go uncelebrated. But, as I have the world’s best daughters, Pi Day will indeed be recognized!!! My daughters just prepared a home made coconut custard pie. The entire house has this wonderful aroma of toasted coconut and, well, pie. I can’t wait for dinner to end to try a bite!!!!


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