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It’s the official day to show and share some love! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, just love and be loved. It doesn’t have to be with a boyfriend/girlfriend. I’m sure it’s safe to have your best friend as a Valentine, right?

As for me, I do have a boyfriend. Hehe. His name is Michael, and this is our 5th Valentine’s Day together. THE FIFTH! And it never gets old. I truly do love this guy, and I’m always giggling at the thought of giving him something that I’ve made just for him. I hope he likes it!

For everyone out there, don’t be so sad if you don’t have a particular crush as your Valentine. Your mom, dad, brother, sister, pet, teacher, etc. could be your Valentine! Just don’t make things awkward or too weird, right? 🙂

Have an awesome day and weekend!


Thank God for blessing me this year, so that I have enough grace to finish everything I should finish in 2013. Here is the list of what I did this year:

  • Continued to be a contributor for Real Life at Fontbonne blog
  • Became a social media specialist for Student Alumni Association of Fontbonne
  • Volunteered to play with patients at Children’s Hospital during the summer semester
  • Served as a graduate intern to help an annual health enhancement conference
  • Volunteered my time as a student intern at St. Louis Children’s Hospital
  • Completed my leadership shadowing at Health Literacy Missouri
  • Became a member of different associations in the field of healthcare
  • Kept my 4.0 GPA!

I didn’t realize how much work I finished this year until I wrote it down. I am very proud of myself, especially since I worked hard to be a responsible student and to keep my 4.0 GPA even though I attended many extracurricular activities. I know that I can’t complete so many tasks without support from the people around me. Therefore, I am very grateful for my dear God, family, friends, professors, and all the people who supported me and helped me. I’m truly blessed to have you all in my life. Thank you for your help in 2013!


Relevance by Ebony Pollard

I watched the sun rise this morning (because Lovebug—that’s what I call my baby girl—woke up at THEE crack of dawn). I couldn’t help but appreciate the sound of the birds singing their morning songs as the yellowish-orange glow of the sun filtered through the living room window. Lovebug, content in my arms, was quiet in that moment and I drank in the peace. Moments like these, my mind tends to wander; sometimes to a specific place and other times, nowhere in particular.

Well, this time, my mind did wander to a specific place—a place it didn’t need to be. An issue that had been bothering me for quite some time permeated my thoughts. Almost immediately, the peace that I was feeling just moments before began to contend with an anxiousness that was welling up inside me. Anxiousness soon grew into irritation and, before I knew it, I was on my way to being a little miffed!

Then my daughter, who recently discovered that she can make all sorts of neat sounds with her little mouth, began to blow spit bubbles—her most favorite! Because I think everything that my infant princess does is pretty much awesome, I turned my attention to her (and wiped a little baby spit off of my cheek).

Just like that, spit bubbles brought me back to my sunny, peaceful place. 🙂

“This moment, right here, is relevant. This is what I should be focusing on.”I said out loud.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Too often we waste time and energy concerning ourselves with things that we can’t do anything about or that just don’t matter … or both … when there are lots of positive things taking place.

I am a thinker. That isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes, I think myself into a frenzy. I told you all, in a previous post, that I was on a mission to identify the things that keep me from moving forward. Thinking too hard about things that can’t be controlled can be something that could keep any one of us from moving ahead in life.

Obstacle identified. From now on, I’m focusing on things that are relevant.

Thank God for spit bubbles and sunshine, huh?

So, what irrelevant thoughts are standing in your way? Change your focus. Change your mind. Change your life.


Alumni Posts


by Alumni Posts on October 21, 2011

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This week when I checked my e-mail I found an e-mail from one of my professors stating that I had done an assignment wrong. Instead of criticizing me or letting me know I lost the points he simply stated he had erased the incorrect assignment and asked me to re-do the work and told me how.

This got me thinking what a gracious gift a re-do could be whether it would be in school or in life. There are times that I submit an assignment after spell checking it and re-reading it and then find an error. Darn, it stings when the professor finds the error too. It stings as well in life when a friend, family member or a complete stranger finds an error, wrong doing, or criticizes you. At those times it would be awesome to have a re-do button to help with a quick reply, a sorry or a “will you forgive me?”.

This week I’m so thankful for my re-do I was given in my class because it gave me time to reflect on the things that have been happening in my life. Although, this past weekend I couldn’t push a re-do button and have things work perfectly with my estranged mom and brother, with whom I was able to reconnect with. I know that there have been painful things said and done by all three of us, but by God’s grace we are being pulled together into a re-do relationship. I hope and pray that I am able to bond again in a positive way with my mom as she is facing brain cancer. I also pray for a peace to overwhelm her, myself and my brother.

I pray for the quiet peace that a re-do can do for you not only in school but in life.

Blessings- Sherry


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