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Ending Spring Semester

by Candance on April 24, 2017

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OMG! Am I glad the end is oh, so near. This semester has been a whirlwind (in a good way). This semester has challenged me in many ways but it’s all worth it and I know it’s growing me in so many areas!

I have been procrastinating a bit with finishing up my paper and getting started on my final presentation but I’ll be back at it starting today with getting things done. I have a 10-page paper to complete, which is just about done, and a virtual conference presentation I have to start. I’m trying to figure out which presentation slide show tool I’d like to use, I thought I’d try PowToon but it doesn’t seem to want to work properly so I’m currently searching for something else. If all else fails, I’ll just use a tool called Articulate-Storyline 2.

Even though I’m taking 1 class this summer, getting a break for a few short weeks will be very comforting to my brain.

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A Much Needed Break

by Alumni Posts on March 20, 2013

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Today is the first day of Spring, and coincidentally happens to be the first day of my Spring break! I will be leaving for New York soon, and am so anxious to finally be in the city. I’ve been counting down the days and planning nonstop over the last couple weeks, so I can’t wait to do all I have planned! More blogging to come about New York City after I get back.

Once I get back from my trip I still have a handful of days left of Fontbonne’s spring break. I am looking forward to spending that time relaxing. These last 3 weeks have been immensely exhausting, both physically and mentally. I cannot wait to have some spare time to just relax and “catch up” on some sleep. I love college life, but it sure can be tiring sometimes. I won’t get a complete break from academics however, because I have two papers due when school resumes and other assignments to be working on throughout my break.

Even with items on my to-do list, it will still be nice to be at home. I plan on attending a lot of my younger brother’s baseball games next week. I am a huge fan of baseball, especially my brother’s teams and the St. Louis Cardinals. Opening day is fast approaching and Fontbonne did sell us discounted tickets for April 9th, but I’m too excited about New York right now to think about that!

Until next week..

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School is kicking in.

by Alumni Posts on September 20, 2012

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Transitioning from a junior college to a university is not as overwhelming as it would seem. It is a lot more hard work than I thought it would be, but I’m up for the challenge. I’ve had two tests this week and next week I have two papers due. First time for everything, right? School work may be piling up, but I certainly have time for campus activities.

Over the weekend, I saw Grant Lyon in the DSAC. He was hilarious. I was in need for a good laugh and he made me laugh a lot. I did not think he was going to be funny, but he sure proved me wrong. Then, the next day, saw one of my favorite movies of the summer! The Avengers was so good. My favorite are Iron Man and Captain America. Finally, on Sunday, it was my first time that I went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was so pretty and interesting. I learned a lot about different fruits, vegetables and plants. Another good week at Fontbonne.

Until next time.


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Holy Smokes!

by Alumni Posts on November 14, 2011

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Can you believe it’s November all ready?

I’d like to deny this and refuse to recognize any calendar days after October 31 because it means I have a ton of papers due in the 2nd week of November, but…I’m kind of ready for the semester to be over and getting through this month is just part of the deal.  I’m figuring if I can do the papers (one honkin’-big one for History, one for Intro to Religious Studies, and a Math paper), then I’m basically done with the semester, because all that will be left is the ol’ learn-stuff-then-have-a-test-on-it routine, which I can handle.

If you’re feeling overburdened by school like me, hang in there!  Just think – it’s almost Thanksgiving, and once it’s Thanksgiving, the semester’s pretty much  over!


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