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by Alumni Posts on January 31, 2014

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I am going to different this week and post a sonnet I wrote. I hope you all enjoy it.

The Pancake Sonnet

Pancakes are so delicious

From blue berry to chocolate

Each can be very nutritious

Unless you haven’t ate

When I think this it makes me hungry

All I want to do is eat but I have no food

Which can make me angry

That is the current mood

Pancakes can be cooked in many ways

Blue berries, chocolate chips, buttery

The best time to eat them is at the end of the days

They can be made artistically

Pancakes are very golden

Better when hot not while colden


Well, if I remember correctly, I actually applied to Fontbonne before I visited. I kind of put the cart before the horse, but deadlines were starting to pass me by. Anyway, I was pretty much undecided until about February of my senior year of high school. I fell in love with every school I visited, except one (which I won’t name here).

My high school counselor was helping me, and said, “Have you thought about Fontbonne?” My recently made plans were that I wanted to teach high school history. He said Fontbonne was a good teaching school and that I should look at it. So that’s when I applied, just in case. I wrote a killer (or at least I thought so) entrance essay about the idea of being comfortable in a college setting.

To be honest, I had really never heard of Fontbonne. My mom and I visited, but my expectations were non-existent.  I toured in February and then attended an education workshop.  I don’t really remember when it was that I officially decided.  I know that my tour had a lot to do about how I felt about our fine institution.  I remember two things about it that really struck me.

The first was the “pancake story,” in which one of the guys giving a tour told us a story about running into Dr. Golden.  He said that the university’s president paid for his and his friend’s meal, as they were trying to get a stack of pancakes at the restaurant named after Fontbonne rather than Washington University, whose named it currently carried.  Although they didn’t eat enough pancakes for that, they chatted with Dr. Golden and I feel like that close relationship is one that’s not common on a college campus.

The other thing that happened was that my tour guide, who told the pancake story, yelled across campus when he saw someone he knew.  That someone on the receiving end happened to be someone that I knew as well.  I went to high school with the person that he was saying hello to.  I knew that Fontbonne was a lot like my high school in that it was small.  When I saw that, I got the impression that it was friendly as well.  I think it was after that day, and some talks with my parents, that I finally made my college choice.

Even though Fontbonne doesn’t have some of the things a big school might have, there’s this sense of community that I wouldn’t give up.  I know most of the people I see on campus as I walk to class, and I think that makes Fontbonne a pretty unique school.  Oh, and how many people in college know their president on a personal basis?


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