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Well, that’s it. My sophomore year of college at Fontbonne University is over. Grades have been submitted and there is nothing more I can do. I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with how this year went.

Packing up was an ordeal to say the least. The weekend before I moved out of the dorms, I loaded everything of my closet I possibly could into my VW Beetle. When I came back to Fontbonne I brought a larger vehicle, thinking I could handle the rest of my stuff on my own. My family was all busy that day with work or something like it, so I wanted to handle everything on my own. Independence! Last Tuesday morning I began packing everything into the car loading the biggest items first. Right away Carly and I knew we had a problem. My mini fridge and winter shoes were put into her car, and because of time we had to load the rest of my things into the hallway so I could “check out” on time. It was then that I realized there was absolutely NO WAY that the rest of my things were going to make it back in my car. I called my sister, who was with my Grandfather (Papa), and told them to come on over to STL when they were finished with whatever they were doing. Thankfully, the rest did fit in his truck and everything made it back safely. My anxiety was eased while waiting on the truck when Carly so thoughtfully went to Trader Joe’s and grabbed lunch for the both of us. I would not have made it out of there that day were it not for her! Procrastination caught the best of me, because after unloading everything back home into the early evening I still had to write a paper for one of my classes due by midnight. Let’s just say I emailed that paper around 11:40 that night, but hey, I got it done right?

Coming back home to small town Southern Illinois is a big change from St. Louis, but nice all the same. With the corn fields, barns, and neighborly “charm”, it’s a great place to be in the summer months. As of right now I’ll be nannying and reconnecting with family and friends. I was able to just this past weekend when I went to my little brother’s last baseball game of his school’s season, where I received quite the sunburn. Ouch! Later that evening I went back to my high school to see one of my dearest friends graduate. She makes me feel so old!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!


Well, classes are over, the 2013 graduates have started their celebrations, and the Fontbonne dorms have pretty much cleared out of most of their residents – myself included. But since I stayed longer than most, I was able to witness first hand as the other students slowly trickled out over the past couple of weeks. The thing that stood out most was the sheer amount of STUFF that people accumulated throughout the year in their room. I’m by no means exempt from this, either. It seems like every time I try to move back home my material possessions quadruple. But I dutifully either pack them up in a trunk, give them away to friends, or donate them to a good cause.

This year, though, I went a step further. As a firm believer in the classic mantra, “Reduce/Reuse/Recycle”, I try to avoid throwing things out if at all possible. So you can understand my agony as I see things like bags of clothes, working roller skates, life sized teddy bears, and plush purple ottomans abandoned in the hallways by people who either no longer want them or simply don’t have the room to take them home. Since there was no clear donation box in the halls this semester, I took it upon myself to gather up as much as I could. Call me crazy, but even saving a small amount from the landfill is worth it in my book.

I gathered up a decent amount of items, which I gave to my friend for his yard sale (along with a few unwanted items of my own). I know I didn’t save everything before it ended up in the dumpster, but I’m still glad I tried. Next year, though, I’m planning on an Environmental Club/Residence Hall Association collaboration to get GoodWill donation boxes in the halls for people’s unwanted items.  I know that in the rush and stress of moving out, it’s hard for people to seriously consider the future of the things left for the trash and the consequences they have in a landfill. So it’s important to make reducing and reusing as easy as possible. We can’t keep everything from being trashed, but we can certainly do our best!


Turns out you won’t have to wait until next semester to hear some of my stories! I’m excited to say that I’ll be blogging over the summer.

This past week has been a bit exhausting. Moving all my stuff out of my dorm room is a major task. You’d be surprised how much you can fit in a dorm. My mom filled up her vehicle (Ford Edge) twice. And my car was filled once. The worst part of packing up was taking all the décor and posters of One Direction and Justin Bieber off my walls (which is quite a lot). It was extremely strange and boring to stare white, empty walls, even though it was only for a day. Because my room was so empty, it echoed every time the door opened and closed. It would have been more emotional leaving my room if I wasn’t going to live in the exact same place next year. I have a major attachment to my room, Medaille 312. I already have plans on how I want to rearrange the furniture in there next school year.

After I got all my stuff home, I of course had to then unpack it. Over the course of the last few days after work I have done so. I finally have all my clothes, accessories, and supplies back in its place. Most of the furniture is just stored in my basement for the summer. Also, I sold most of my books, so it feels good to have those off my hands. Soon I’ll begin packing for the FAB retreat that takes place next week. Then as soon as I get back from that I’ll pack for the five and a half weeks that will be spent in London (which is going to be a MAJOR challenge). Are you sensing a pattern here? All this packing and unpacking should make me a wise traveler. However, this is not the case. I have a tendency to pack a lot of things. And when I say “a lot,” I really mean a lot. Well, practice makes perfect, right?!


Spring break is just around the corner and it is my first spring break I don’t go home to work. I will be going to Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. My family and boyfriend, Andrew, will be spending the week there. This island is something special. It is mainly a golf island with three golf courses. You have to be a private member to stay and play. My grandfather found this place over twenty years ago and has been a member ever since. Since we are family and he has a house there, we get to go a couple times a year. The island is seven miles long and four miles wide. The week we are going there will be 23 other vacationers when we are there. Talk about a remote get away. I cannot wait for this break. I hope everyone else is excited as I am. I have already started to pack my bags.


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