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original characters

So, instead of writing about that topic, I’m gonna show you some pictures I drew.

Self-Portrait Self-Portrait This is a little doodle of myself. I would never make this expression in real life, but I wish I could. I don’t have any real pictures of myself on my computer. Even if I did, I wouldn’t be pleased with them. Original Character Original Character This was a pirate character I drew about a year ago. As you can see in the top-right corner, I used a reference on deviantART. Here’s a link: Original Character Original Character This is one of my original characters, Margot. She is the daughter of a mob boss from the 1920s. I used a reference here too: Original Character Original Character If you got questions, leave a comment. ;P Fan Art Fan Art These are sketches of characters from a show called Gravity Falls. On tumblr, someone made an alternate universe where they merged it with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Here’s a link to her blog: Credits: BatB AU – Sai-chan GF – Alex Hirsch Fan Art Fan Art Here, we have the Beast from Sai’s GF BatB AU and Mermando from my Little Mermaid AU. If you got questions, ask in the comments below. Credits: GF BatB AU – Sai-chan Gravity Falls – Alex Hirsch Fan Art I love Steven Universe, too. Here we have my gemsonas: Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, and Forest Green Pearl. Class Project Class Project This was a concept sketch for a project I had to do in Drawing class with Victor Wang (who is super cool, by the way). Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the finished project. But, if you are willing, you can venture into the Art building and see it hanging above the sink in the drawing studio.



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