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If I could give any advice to the pre-Fontbonne me I would definitely tell her to not stress so much.  Understand that you cannot be in control of absolutely everything in life.  I would also tell myself that I was going to end up a planner and that was going to be tough for me because I cannot control everything.  I did not know this as a freshman coming into college and if I could prep myself for that I know I would not have stressed so much when I did not have control.

I would also tell myself to actually go to class.  Even though I thought I did not need to and that I was free from mom and dad I was not a genius.  I would tell myself to get up out of bed even if I had the worst headache.  Unless I was vomiting or unable to move I should have gone to classes all the time.

Another piece of advice I would give myself is to not sleep so often.  Although taking naps always felt amazing, I was only hurting friendship and wasting time to spend with those friends I had made.

The last piece of advice I would give is to attend the Freshman orientation.  I would have made so many friends much quicker and would not have struggled so much in my first year.  I skipped my orientation and although I made many friends here at Fontbonne, it was not without challenge.

Go to orientation, Go to class, and DO NOT sleep so much!




Hey there, fellow Griffins! I’m back for another school year of blogging! I’m so happy I get to share my tips, experiences and advice with you all. I’ll give you a little update on where I’m at currently in my life, because its been a while since my last blog.

I am officially in my third year here at Fontbonne. I moved back on campus the second week of August because I was a freshman orientation leader, or WING Leader. I was one leader out of 18 who helped freshmen transition into college through our orientation program. It was my second year being an orientation leader and I absolutely loved it! I had a great group of students and an awesome partner! Orientation is such a great experience! (Below is a picture of me and my orientation group.)1

After orientation wrapped up, I headed straight into classes which unfortunately I already have a lot of homework in. 🙁 I like all of them so far though, it’s just a lot of work! All of my classes are specifically in accordance with my major, so I am done with general education courses which is a blessing! I don’t have to worry about taking a dreaded science or literature class.

Another thing that has been keeping me busy since I started school is the organization that I am secretary for, Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK). Its a national leadership honor society whose alums includes Joe Biden, Peyton Manning, Sheryl Crow and many more. Our applications to be a member of the group went out the day classes started. Myself and the other executive members and faculty advisors have been working hard on deciding who’s a best fit for the group and when we will inform them of our decision. I think being secretary for ODK will keep me busy all year! (Below is a picture of the 2015-2016 Fontbonne University ODK Executive Team.)


Those are just a couple of the many things I’ve been doing since I got back to Fontbonne’s beautiful campus! I’m starting to get my schedule down and get back in the swing of things. I can’t wait to blog for you guys this year! Keep checking back each week for one of my new blogs or a post by another blogger!


The most meaningful thing I will take away from Fontbonne is that the more effort you put in, the greater the reward you will get. I first heard this when a counselor said this at freshman orientation. I have found it to be true for academics and friendships. The more you study, the better grades you get. The more you get involved in extracurricular activities, the more people you meet.


My first few weeks at Fontbonne have been AMAZING! I am from St. Paul, Minnesota and transferred to Fontbonne this semester from the University of Minnesota, so I am a long way from home! I got accepted to Fontbonne last spring, was granted a generous scholarship, and then everything just fell into place! I couldn’t have chosen a better place to come!

The people here (staff, faculty, and students) are all so welcoming and approachable; if I have a question about where to go or how to use my meal plan, or what clubs to join, someone is always right there willing to help! The Resident Assistant (RA) on my floor has given me great advice, helped me with things around my room, and even convinced me to join the tennis team here at Fontbonne! If you have a question and someone can’t answer it right away for you, they will send you in the right direction to someone who can and that is just one of the many things I love about Fontbonne.

Another subject I want to touch on is orientation. During the first couple days here before classes started, freshmen and new students participant in orientation events such as small group meetings, trivia night, and plenty of ice-breaker games. One orientation event was the “Catch the Fire” Ceremony. I won’t go into too much detail about it and spoil it for perspective students, but it was such an amazing event that united the entire new student body at Fontbonne and allowed us to learn about the rich history of Fontbonne, listen to great speakers, and, well, catch the fire!

I am so excited to begin my journey here (and to be here during the winters rather than up north in Minnesota)! Although I have only been here for a few weeks, I can already tell that Fontbonne will become my new home away from home.


I took this photo on the day I moved into my dorm at Fontbonne.

I took this photo on the day I moved into my dorm at Fontbonne.



Andy- The Best Student He Can Be

by Fontbonne University November 12, 2008

My favorite thing about Fontbonne is that is such a tight community.  Everyone knows everyone, even if they don’t know their name, they know them by their face.  Also, how Fontbonne gives the students so much opportunitites to be leaders and to get involved.  It has given me so much, because I came in as […]

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Mary Alice-Makes Friends Her First Day

by Fontbonne University October 22, 2008

           On move in day, there was music blasting, people everywhere, and cars packed with stuff.  There was so much excitement! I am from Louisville, Kentucky; I was scared that I wasn’t going to make friends that fast at Fontbonne, but boy was I wrong.  The first night I was already up late talking with the […]

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Mary – The FOCUS of the New Year

by Fontbonne University October 10, 2008

Coming back to school this year was especially exciting. As an orientation leader for Freshmen Orientation, I got to move back on campus two weeks before everyone else, which is a lot of fun. It’s nice to be at school for a while without having to go to class and work, it makes the transition […]

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