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What Makes Fontbonne Unique

by Alumni Posts on March 18, 2015

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When I first visited Fontbonne I had a gut feeling that it was the perfect school for me.

Fontbonne was not the first campus I visited.  I was weighing the pros and cons of a handful colleges in the Illinois and Missouri area and as fate would have it, I decided to check out Fontbonne.

I didn’t know much about the university before my initial visit except that it had the major that I was interested in (dietetics).  I remember attending an open house at Fontbonne for prospective students of the dietetics major with my dad.  Afterwards, he couldn’t stop talking about how impressed he was of the professors in the dietetics program that spoke.  I was extremely impressed too, and after getting accepted into Fontbonne and getting to know my professors, I knew I had made the right decision.

Fontbonne is unique in many ways, but here’s what sticks out to me personally:

Fontbonne is a smaller school, therefore it makes it easier to have a voice in the classroom if you’re confused or need further guidance.  Not only that but from my personal experiences, the professors truly care about the students and seeing them succeed.  They take advantage of the small classrooms and use that to give students projects and opportunities they might not have in a big lecture hall-style school.

I love that information is easily accessible at the university.  If you have questions on financial aid, class schedules, registration, clubs, etc., it takes no time at all to find what you’re looking for.  Just ask around and just about everyone is helpful!

I love is how easy it is to get to know people within your classes.  Group projects and just simply being in small classrooms really gets you to bond with those people you’re with. Applying to a school that none of my friends went to was intimidating at first… but I’ve met some of the greatest people right here at Fontbonne and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


I hope this helps any prospective students checking out Fontbonne!

Have a great post-spring break week!




Alumni Posts

Open House

by Alumni Posts on November 16, 2010

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Yesterday, Fontbonne hosted an Open House event on campus, and there were tour groups all over the place! It’s kind of funny that only a year ago, I was making my college decision. I remember how hard it was to juggle senior year with making a huge, difficult decision. The students on the tours yesterday didn’t seem very stressed, though. Their parents were asking lots of questions and the students were looking around the school, trying to figure out if Fontbonne is the right fit for them. Personally, I like how at Fontbonne you get to know your professors, to the point where I’m not scared to go to them and ask for help! The college decision is definitely a tough one, and I wish all those visitors yesterday lots of luck!

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