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One Direction

Anyone that knows me knows that I am an extreme fangirl. This means that I have many celebrities that I am a huge fan of (and probably take that fandom to the next level), and tend to talk about those people a lot. And I mean a lot. It can also mean that you buy into any and all products associated with that person. My fangirling habits are why I have three major concerts to look forward to. I am excited beyond words!

First up is Ed Sheeran. He is coming to St. Louis at the Scottrade Center in May, and I have floor seat tickets for him! My cousin Katie (whom is practically my sister) and I are going together. Initially, we were fans of his because he writes songs for One Direction (our absolute all-time favorite singers). However, now Ed is becoming extremely successful with his own solo career. He is such a talented song writer, guitarist, and singer, and never seems to stop giving me chills. This show is sure to be a good one!

Following that, this summer is another round of a One Direction concert! Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets me more pumped up than One Direction. This concert is in Chicago since they are not coming to St. Louis this year. This will be the third time I have seen them perform live. The group going to this one includes my cousin Katie again, Emma, and Kara (which are sisters that I used to babysit for years). This same group of four has gone to all their concerts and movie premiers together. Any event related to One Direction brings us back together. Literally, I spend more of my free time listening to and talking about One Direction than anything else. Also, the amount of One Direction products that I own is ridiculous. Don’t even get me started on that…

And then there is Taylor Swift! She is coming to St. Louis later in September. My best friend, Brooke, and I are going to this one together. I am a huge fan of pop music. So ever since Taylor has become a full-fledged pop artist, I have loved her even more than I did before. I saw her concert in 2011, and it was very entertaining. But I have a feeling that this one will be even better! Being a fangirl, I can hardly contain my excitement with all these huge, amazing shows coming up!

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My summer has continued to be absolutely fabulous. Over the weekend, I took a trip to Kansas City for one reason and one reason only: the One Direction concert! This is the closest they were going to be to St. Louis. This major event has been a long time coming. I bought tickets 13 months before the actual concert. I have never counted down the days for something for such a long time. But, the wait was all worth it. I took my cousin and the two girls that I babysit, and we had the time of our lives.

As soon as we got to the hotel, we got ready. We put on all our One Direction gear. Shirts, jewelry, shoes, tattoos, you name it. We already had our light-up posters finished. When we got to the Sprint Center, we waited outside for almost two hours before we finally got in. By the time we bought our souvenirs and such, we missed a little bit of the opener, a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. I wasn’t too concerned about that though. I just wanted 1D! When they first came out, I immediately started crying. When I see my favorite singers, I go absolutely crazy. I screamed and jumped the entire two and half hours that they performed. It was so much fun! They sang all the songs that I wanted them to. I wasn’t disappointed by anything. I was blown away. They sounded even better live than they do on CD. Despite all the screaming fans, I could still hear them (most of the time). I have tons of pictures and posters of One Direction all over my room (including a cardboard cutout), so it was extremely exciting to be able to see them live.

Now my major summer events have come to a close. I feel so lucky to have done so many fun things. The next thing to count down the days to is the start of the next school year!


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