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Next Year…

I am in love. The other day as I was procrastinating, I stumbled upon Panda Bear’s new album, “Tomboy” on NPR. Although I’ve only heard a few songs by Animal Collective, I am obsessed with this album and I have to get it as soon as it comes out next week  (unless my brother beats me to it first). I think this may be the first album that I associate with the new season, since certain albums tend to remind me of certain times of the year (if that makes sense). Right now, I think “Slow Motion” is one of my favorite tracks.

Monday was a busy day. I had to meet with my advisor to plan my schedule for next semester, and I’m pleased to say that we not only planned next semester, but all of the other semesters I have left here at Fontbonne. I’m even more pleased to say that I don’t have to take physics or anatomy or organic chemistry over the summer; rather, the only summer school course I’ll (possibly) be taking is philosophy…online. Easy, no? Yes, I don’t have to take any science courses this summer thanks to some strategic placing of certain courses on my schedule in order to fit in my physical therapy prerequisites.

All of this thinking about next year combined with the fact that today it hit me that it’s officially April has made me realize that the end of my first year in college is almost over. Okay, so I made the Dean’s List last semester and am continuing to get good grades. However, I still feel like I’ve failed miserably at my first year as a college student as far as going out and doing things goes. I’ve been told numerous times that St. Louis isn’t exciting, however, there are still tons of places that I want to go to but haven’t gone to. The major downside about Fontbonne is simply the fact that on the weekends this place is so…empty. Everyone leaves. And it’s really hard to motivate yourself to stay on campus when it means you’ll be stuck in your room all day with nothing to do but read your chemistry textbook. So my goal for the rest of the semester, this summer, and the rest of time as a college student is to get out more, even if it means wandering around alone. Even if it means looking like an idiot as I drive around St. Louis without a clear destination.

We shall see if I actually do this. I tend to be all talk and no action.

Enjoy the weekend…it’s almost here!



I have to admit, the title of this post is totally a lie. I do mind the weather. I finally realized this morning as I was walking back to my dorm after my workout why I’ve been in such a not-so-great mood lately: it’s the weather. Like I probably mentioned on my very first post, I’m obsessed with fashion. And the fact that all of my new clothes for spring are all alone in the trunk of my car, patiently waiting to be worn, makes me upset. Don’t get me wrong; there are certain winter wardrobe pieces that I love wearing and will be sad to put away for the year, like my favorite boots (which I plan on wearing in the summer because I’m too sad to part with them). However, there is nothing that I want more right now than to put on my new high-waisted denim shorts and go for a bike ride through Forest Park. So there.

Now, on to school related stuff. All of this thinking about warm weather means that the year is, in fact, almost over. Which means I’m under a lot of stress to figure out my schedule for next year and my roommate situation…all by Monday. And I don’t have either one of those things figured out. So it looks like I’ll be going home yet again this weekend to have my father help me work physics one and two (physical therapy prerequisites) into my schedule. According to my advisor, it looks like I’ll be doing summer school! Hmm…maybe that’s another reason why I haven’t been particularly happy! Oh well. We shall see how it all works out.

Keep your fingers crossed that it warms up. I know I will!



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