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New York City Trip

Here we are with just six weeks of school left and there’s so much still to be done. However, I don’t want to blog about the future this week but about the past. Last week was Fontbonne’s spring break, and I spent some time in New York City with the lovely fashion merchandising program!

I spent six days in The Big Apple, and had a blast! Our days during the week were full of rewarding and inspiring study tours, while the nights and weekend were free for whatever we wished. Prior to the trip, my roommate and I planned out pretty much every detail of our stay, so we knew what our free time would consist of. We did so much in those six days and it’s so difficult to say what I enjoyed the most.

My favorite morning activity had to be walking the Brooklyn Bridge. On Sunday morning, my roommate Carly and I took a stroll from downtown to Brooklyn. The weather was absolutely beautiful with clear skies and lots of sunshine. We could even see the Statue of Liberty from a distance. It was nice to begin the day with a peaceful activity, and to take in the sights that the city creates from a distance.

Saturday afternoon was dedicated to museums, and I think that would be a my most memorable daytime activity. We went to the museum at FIT and saw exhibits on boots, fashion and technology, and shoes. Later we went to the Museum of the City of New York, which had a “New Housing for New Yorkers” exhibition as well as one on fashion. The Metropolitan Museum was next, where we looked at “Fashion, Impressionism, and Modernity”.

One of the most memorable study tour visits was with Elaine Gold, a woman who has been in the business for 70 years. She gave the fashion merchandising students a lot of useful knowledge and advise! Carly and I also took in a Broadway show Friday evening, which we both loved. This trip was the experience of a lifetime. I cannot wait until my next visit!


I don’t mean to brag, but I just got back from the best spring break ever. I could go on for days describing details about my wonderful trip to New York City. But instead, I’ll highlight just my favorite parts (although it’s very hard to pick). My favorite morning was when my roommate, Conner, and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. The weather was perfect and the views of the city were breathtaking.

My favorite evening was the one spent attending a Broadway show (which made me feel very classy). Conner and I saw “Nice Work If You Can Get It” starring Matthew Broderick. I was thoroughly entertained and blown away by the beautiful lights that fill Times Square. My favorite dinner was at Benito I, a cute and quaint restaurant in Little Italy.

Last, but not least, the company that I favored the most was M&S Schmalberg,  which we toured as a class. This is a family owned business that creates custom fabric flowers for various companies and designers. I formed so many amazing memories in NYC that I will cherish forever. Hopefully I will be able to travel there again someday.

Luckily, I had a few days to spend at home as well during spring break. My favorite part of my time spent in St. Peters, Missouri was dying Easter eggs with my cousins. I look forward to this tradition every year. Let’s just say that spring break 2013 is going to be a hard one to beat in the future.


Today is the first day of Spring, and coincidentally happens to be the first day of my Spring break! I will be leaving for New York soon, and am so anxious to finally be in the city. I’ve been counting down the days and planning nonstop over the last couple weeks, so I can’t wait to do all I have planned! More blogging to come about New York City after I get back.

Once I get back from my trip I still have a handful of days left of Fontbonne’s spring break. I am looking forward to spending that time relaxing. These last 3 weeks have been immensely exhausting, both physically and mentally. I cannot wait to have some spare time to just relax and “catch up” on some sleep. I love college life, but it sure can be tiring sometimes. I won’t get a complete break from academics however, because I have two papers due when school resumes and other assignments to be working on throughout my break.

Even with items on my to-do list, it will still be nice to be at home. I plan on attending a lot of my younger brother’s baseball games next week. I am a huge fan of baseball, especially my brother’s teams and the St. Louis Cardinals. Opening day is fast approaching and Fontbonne did sell us discounted tickets for April 9th, but I’m too excited about New York right now to think about that!

Until next week..

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I have yet to announce this in my blog, but I will be going to New York City soon! Actually, very soon, 20 days to be exact. My roommate and I are going along with other fashion merchandising student here at Fontbonne, and have been counting down since the beginning of the semester. It’s great that Fontbonne University gives us these wonderful opportunities to see and experience our major in the workforce.  It just feels like yesterday when Carly was saying to me, “57 days!”, and I would think, “Okay, I’ve got plenty of time to prepare”. I have to say it’s 20 days until NYC and I have a lot of preparing still to do.

I am an organized person, and because of my previous travels where my mom would map out everything we would do the entire trip, I feel that I have to know everything Carly and I will be doing during our massive amount of free time. We plan on visiting a lot of museums, parks, and other sights of New York. Contrary to what some might believe, we are more interested in the sights of NYC than the shopping, but will be stopping by Michael Kors’s favorite restaurant and Tim Gunn’s apartment building!

Anxiety over this encroaching deadline is taking over, but I cannot seem to find the time to research and plan our trip. I’ll be in NYC in 20 days and I couldn’t tell you the first place I was planning on going. Yikes! Twenty days is still enough to get sufficient preparation done though, and I think that 20 days from now I will be ready to be NYC bound!

I cannot wait for this trip. I have never been to New York, but have always wanted to go. The fact that I get to spend 6 days in NYC with one of my best friends is also a plus. We are going to make so many fabulous memories together exploring the city. New York City, see you in 20 days!

Until next week..


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