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New Years Resolutions

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Almost a New Year!

by Alumni Posts on December 11, 2013

in College Life

It’s that time of year to start thinking of a new year’s resolution.  Knowing that I graduate in May and that, for the first time in my life, I don’t have a stable work position, I think this is the perfect time to make one!

2013 was a rough go.  Not only was I completing my degree but in order to do that, I had to quit my job.  In this economy, who quits a perfectly good job?  Well, I did.  Crazy?  I don’t know, but hopefully I will find out that it wasn’t.  I’m an optimistic type.  During the last few months of work my grandma’s health deteriorated extremely fast.  The month before I started my Student Teaching placement she passed away.  I completed my placement with great scores!  I then began rehearsing for my first show that I wouldn’t be able to invite my grandma to.  2014 will be a year of firsts — girst goes at things without my cheerleader.

I guess my new year’s resolution will be to allow myself to do things by myself.  I need to discover the inner strength that my grandma always knew I had.  I had always fallen back on her for strength to do things, whether to audition at new theatres, try for jobs I had never done, or simply that person to call on a bad day.  I have begun doing small things on my own, yet I still catch myself picking up my phone and trying to call her at the end of a bad day.

Here’s to 2014 and finding the strength in each of us!


Christmas break was a bittersweet time for me. It was, of course, wonderful to return to New York for a fontbonneandrewwhile and visit with my high school friends and hang out at old, familiar location. Though many of us had changed in one way or another through college, we found that we were still the same group together, and such a realization—that our friendship could continue no matter what the future held for us—strikes the exact type of warm emotions meant for the holidays. I’d like to point out that I returned home December 5th; though exams continued until the 13th, all of my teachers were able to help me reschedule so that I could take my exams as rapidly as possible, enabling me to beat holiday travelers to the airport. That alone, the student-teacher relationship at Fontbonne, continues to amaze me.

As I said, my break was bittersweet; for though I had a fantastic vacation off of school, I began to miss Fontbonne and St. Louis before too long had passed. I soon found myself wanting to go see if friends I had made here wanted to go hang out, only to realize that—oh wait, they live 800 miles away. And then, of course, when it was time for me to return, I was sad to part with my friends and family in New York, though eager to return to Fontbonne and my friends in St. Louis. It’s fascinating, really. Though I say I returned home for Winter break, I found myself saying I had returned home after winter break, as well. To get back to my dorm room and to my campus, which over the course of a single semester has become so familiar, was such a comforting feeling. I now deal with having two identities; it’s almost as if I’ve come to lead two different lives altogether, set in different worlds, with different faces, with different places (and with very different weather!)

But I did not spend all of my time in New York during break! Aside from realizing the duality of my reality (and please, don’t take that concept too seriously now!), I also made a trip down to Florida in early December. I and my best friend from New York drove my grandparents’ car down to them (they migrate between Erie, PA and West Palm Beach, FL); we drove straight through, to what amounted to about a 22-hour drive—and that’s not counting stops. Then, as winter break came to a close and it was time for me to start thinking about returning to St. Louis, I first flew out to Chicago for a few days, where I met up with my mom’s side of the (Irish Roman Catholic and therefore huge) family. I hadn’t seen them all in a year or two, and so it was delightful to see my little cousins and how they weren’t so little anymore. I also swung by the University of Chicago to visit a friend (who was already in school again, as UofC runs on trimesters). Once that was all said and done, I flew back in to Lambert International, then rode the Metro back to Fontbonne, home sweet home.

If you’re wondering about my New Year’s Resolution? It’s to love more, and love unconditionally. Peace be with you.

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