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My Favorite Professor

by Alumni Posts on March 12, 2010

in Academics

One of my favorite professors at Fontbonne University is Dr. Nancy English, more commonly known as “Doc.” Doc is one of the most skilled teachers I have ever encountered in my school experience. She uses multiple methods of teaching to appeal to different types of learners. She uses technology with the SmartBoard, the textbook, and other powerpoint presentations she has created herself. It is her intention to convey the material concisely and effectively.

Doc has a passion and zeal for teaching that is tremendously powerful. It is her mission to make sure that everyone learns and is successful in her classes. I have never known a teacher more dedicated to his or her profession than Doc. Doc takes time out of her hectic schedule to meet with students having problems in a class and even came in to school on a Sunday last semester to help those who needed it in Statistics. Availability is unmatched in a class taught by Doc.

Finally, Doc is a great supporter of Fontbonne and its mission. She serves on various committees that range from departmental to athletic. It is not a rare occurrence to see Doc at basketball games, cheering on the athletes. Doc has a great sense of humor, most notably revealed to students by the fact that she calls a calculator a “turtle.” She makes me laugh in class, and I always learn from her lessons about math and life in general. All professors should strive to be like Doc English.

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