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Music Appreciation

I can say pretty seriously that I don’t know how I’d get through life if I didn’t have music.  I listen to anything and everything – classic rock, pop punk, top 40, country, electronic, indie, rap – I particularly like songs I can dance to, because dancing is another important part of my life.  I have said many times that the Music Appreciation class I took my freshman year at Fontbonne is my favorite class that I have ever taken, and that statement still stands.
The class started at Gregorian chants, and moved up through classical times to the present day.  I’m not gonna lie, most people in the class saw it as a bit of a waste of time, but I was eating it up. I don’t play an instrument anymore, and I can’t say that I’m a great singer, either, but I sure do appreciate music, and that class showed me a lot.
I don’t have a set playlist that I use for homework or other specific tasks – it mostly depends on my mood. But pretty much any chance I get, I’m listening to some jams. It’s just a natural part of life to me. I try to listen to at least one new song every day, and I’ve found a lot of cool stuff that way. I loved the chance to take a class about it – but you don’t need to take a class to appreciate music! Just turn on a song and listen.


When someone asks me what my favorite course has been so far during my time at Fontbonne, I always give the same answer: Music Appreciation. This response has the tendency to baffle people. I took it first semester my freshman year, it’s a Gen Ed class, and it has absolutely nothing to do with my major. Most people in the class considered it busywork and a fat waste of time. But not me!
Besides the fact that I love music, and relished in the fact that I was learning about everything from Gregorian chants to Franz Liszt to Elvis Presley, Music Appreciation class reminded me of something important. College is about more than just taking your major classes and getting your degree. College is your opportunity to expand your horizons. You have the ability to take all kinds of amazing classes while you’re here, and learn all kinds of things. Not that your major classes aren’t important – I love mine, and they let me know I’m going into the right field. But you can’t neglect the other aspects of learning. Philosophy, Fine Arts, and History can teach us relevant things as well. So don’t take your classes for granted – learn all you can throughout your time here, and you won’t regret it in the future!


Is it really the last full week of October? I cannot believe how fast this first semester is flying by! It seems that each week is busier than the last. Before I know it it’ll be Thanksgiving. But that’s still a few weeks away, and I focus on the present.

This week is an exciting one for me. Today I almost completed my skirt I’m making for a fashion merchandising class (yes, the one I sewed wrong sides together and did every other possible thing wrong to last week). I can’t wait for Monday so that I can finish. The skirt is made of  maroon colored wool, high waisted, with an asymmetrical hemline and a leather waistband. Perhaps I will wear it on the fast approaching Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow I will be seeing Les Miserables at the Fox! I have never seen this opera, let alone any, and am anxious to see it. I love going to see musicals at the Fox. I am able to go because my Music Appreciation course is required to critique it, so I got a really good deal on tickets. I will be going with my roommate/best friend, and we’re making a whole day of it, beginning with a tour in the morning, lunch, and the show in the afternoon.

After the show I will have Griffin Girls practice, which is going really well. I love that I am able to dance again, and the entire team works really hard to do their best. We have already finished two routines and are beginning the third this weekend. Our first performance is November 2nd at Griffinsanity. Come check us out!

The Fall Fest is tomorrow evening, so maybe after dance I will stop by to check out what the Fontbonne clubs and organizations have going on at this point in the semester. I know students can make masks for the masquerade ball this weekend, and try to put together the best Halloween costume for a prize. With so many things to do and see this week, I wonder what next week will bring? I’m hoping for some actual fall-related weather!

Until next week…


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