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This past Thursday, representatives from Monsanto came to campus for an appreciation event.  A few years ago when AB Hall was being completely renovated, Monsanto funded our greenhouse.  For those of you who don’t know, the greenhouse is state-of-the-art.  Computers control the light allowances, humidity, and temperature, and there is plenty of room for growing plants and working.  Though I wasn’t yet a student at Fontbonne when the old greenhouse was in use, I can tell you that the new greenhouse is a major improvement over the last one.

Not only was it great to meet the Monsanto representatives, but it was also great to just say, “Thank you for all you’ve done.”  So many times, I feel like life gets in the way of saying thank you and being grateful for everything that everyone has done for you.  This event was a great way to show our appreciation of the huge gift that Monsanto bestowed upon us.

So if anyone from Monsanto happens to read this, I hope you know that we are all extremely happy with our new greenhouse.  It has provided us with realistic experiences that will forever enrich our lives as students and as future researchers.

~ The Results of an Experiment I Performed in the Greenhouse ~

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