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This past weekend my suite mate and I went up to Maryville, MO to visit our best friend from high school, as well as her suite mate’s roommate, at their school, Northwest Missouri State University. NWMSU is much larger than Fontbonne University, but the city of Maryville is much smaller than St. Louis. Each time I go up to NWMSU to visit my friend, I always have mixed emotions. Sometimes I wish I had chosen a larger school where the campus would be much larger, as well as number as students. They also have Greek life there, and I wonder if I would have chosen to be in a sorority if Fontbonne offered them. But then I also realize that being 6 hours away from home would be difficult, and that I do not do well in small towns because I get far too bored and like living in St. Louis.

When I really think about it, I am glad I chose Fontbonne. I have loved my first two years here and have made terrific friends! I actually know all of my teachers, and recognize the majority of the faces on campus. I am glad I chose a small school in a big city! 🙂


Last weekend, I attended my first conference in the St. Louis area which was called SLIAC Women’s Leadership in Athletics Symposium. The theme of this conference is “Discover What’s Possible.” Fontbonne sent three students to join this conference, actually this conference was open to all students from different colleges and universities in the St. Louis area, including Fontbonne University, Webster University, Spalding University, Blackburn College, Greenville College, MacMurray College, Westminster College, and Principia College.

This was a two-day conference at the Doubletree Hotel in Chesterfield. During the first day, there was a party at Dave and Busters. We had some team building activities on the first day, and also made many friends from different colleges through activities. The second day was a whole day conference in the hotel, everyone dressed in business dress which looks so professional.

Actually, I was so impressed about this conference because SLIAC invited many successful people to be our speakers. Those speakers gave us many meaningful lectures, such as career opportunities, interviews for jobs, how to become a successful candidate, how to find our mentors, and how to work in a man’s world. All the topics were designed to help and encourage us find our possible careers in the future. Moreover, all the speakers were so friendly to students. They really want to help us be successful, and they encouraged us to keep contact with them if we need their help. I remembered when I was eating lunch with another Fontbonne student, there was a speaker who asked me “could I sit at your table? All you can ask me any questions during lunch time, and I really want to help you if I could. “She was so nice and patient to answer all the questions we had.

It was so hard to describe all the things I learned from this conference, because I learned so much during those two days. During this conference I also made many good friends whose major is communications, so that we had many similar topics to talk to each other about. I was really happy SLIAC created this conference for students, and Fontbonne gave me an opportunity to join this conference. It was really worth it to spend my weekends at this conference, because I learned a lot to help my career in the future, and to build my network in the field of athletics. What a beautiful weekend I had.


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