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All right, readers. I bet you didn’t know this, but I am the (self-appointed) mouthpiece for commuter students – specifically, users of the public transportation system we in the STL call: Metro.

(I guess the official, democratically-elected mouthpiece for commuters is the Commuter Advisory Board, but there’s no CAB blog on here. If other commuters object to my acquisition of the title, we can share it or trade-off on every other post or something. I can deal.)

Anyway, what I didn’t realize before I started riding Metro is that Fontbonne is perched at the intersection of several bus and MetroLink routes. There are exactly five bus stops, each on a unique route, in sight from Fontbonne’s main driveway! Plus, bus routes to the Forest Park MetroLink station go right by Fontbonne, so it’s easy to get to the MetroLink train, too!

My bus stop strategy gets even fancier when I tell you this next part. In case you don’t know this (and you probably don’t know this, unless you take the bus), there are tons of bus stops on Clayton Road. It’s a fifteen minute walk from Fontbonne, which I sometimes take, but there’s also the Commuter Shuttle that goes to the Commuter Parking Lot that’s on Clayton! In short, thanks to Fontbonne’s location and the Commuter Shuttle, it’s really easy to use public transit to get to and from campus!

Here’s why this is a big deal: When I was looking at schools, I knew I’d be taking Metro to get around, and I figured wherever I went, there would be some kind of bus route that could easily take me there. However, there was one problem: I’d never actually been on a bus before. Because of this, I just assumed that Metro had stops near the places I’d be going. (I also assumed a lot of other positive things, but we won’t go there…)

Experience has taught me that conveniently-located bus stops are few and far between in Saint Louis, at least for the places I go, like my job in the Central West End and my house in South City. This makes Fontbonne’s surplus of bus stops pleasantly surprising, and it definitely shows me that from the access-to-public-transportation standpoint, I’m awfully lucky to have ended up here!

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