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Dream Big!

by Alumni Posts on May 7, 2015

in Career Paths,Faith

Hi everyone,

Time really flies fast! It’s already been a year for me in St. Louis, studying in Fontbonne University. Back to the day from last year, I was in California and struggling with what I should do after graduation. It was a really scary thing to me when I thought that it seemed like I’d already achieved my academic plans and didn’t have any goals in front of me to achieve anymore… Until I got an email that night saying that I got accepted onto a master’s program combined with a dietetic internship — my mind and emotions totally changed. I could finally achieve what I was longing for for years!!!!!! Even though within this year, I still have encountered struggles since I moved to a new place independently while my family members are all living very far away from me. I always remember that this is an opportunity that I can use to get my master’s and internship. I treasure it and I believe that God can help me bear it through all the way to the end even though I think I can’t. That makes me want to continue to work my best, and he will help me with the rest.

I know this semester is almost over. And some of you may had encountered bumps in this semester. However, I really want to encourage you to not give up your dreams! Bumps will eventually be gone. But your dream will never move away from you. If you keep working hard, your path to reach the goal will  shorten and eventually when you reach your destination, this will forever be for you!!! So, let’s Dream Big together!! 🙂


– Kathy


Graduation was held on December 18, 2010, on campus at Fontbonne. I believe this is the first year that they separated the ceremonies of bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I received my master’s so the ceremony was that morning. I had such a wonderful time. I was able to invite all of my family instead of a select few because we didn’t have to get tickets. My children, parents and a few other relatives all came. I rang the bell after the ceremony (my hands still hurt from that.) There was a moment when I cried; one of the graduating students passed away from cancer and her children were there to accept her degree. That was very sad but beautiful. I am an alum. I’ve been one for some years, I received my bachelor’s at Fontbonne as well. I would like to thank the university, its faculty and staff, all of the instructors and all of its supporters for making Fontbonne such a fine institution!


This semester flew by me so quickly that I find I’m asking What Do I Do Now? My semester was jam-packed with two very intense courses. This semester I took Virtual Worlds in education and Online Course Design and Teaching. So basically I had a huge project every single week. These courses were very challenging but also very rewarding. I am a Master’s student taking solely online courses. I never have to look good for classes, our semester ended on Dec. 6, and I didn’t have any midterms (per se). This may all seem great and fantastic, and it is, but it is also a very challenging, disciplined life.  I have to make sure that I get my work completed by the due dates, without any face-to-face discussions. I have to make sure I read the assigned chapters. I am on the computer all of the time.  With all of this constant upkeep, I find myself wondering what’s next. Well I know that my next two (and final two) courses start in January. So that means I have about a month to play with my kids, actually read a book for pleasure, clean my house, and visit with my friends. There we have it! I found what I am going to do…. anything but schoolwork 🙂


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