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Hi Fonty friends!

I hope your first week of classes has been lovely and you are excited to be back on campus or on campus for the first time, in which case, welcome! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Morgan Fisher and I am a Junior Psychology major at Fontbonne.  I am currently studying abroad in London, England, for the Spring semester at Regent’s University London.  This has been a dream of mine since I found out that studying abroad was a possibility 10 years ago, and I cannot believe I am finally here!  I flew in on Wednesday and immediately began orientation with my 200 fellow international students from across the globe.  The past three days have been a whirlwind of lectures, meetings, teas, sightseeing treasure (or as we like to call them, scavenger) hunts, and pub quizzes (or bar trivia)!  Here are a couple photos I managed to snap on our treasure hunt around Trafalgar Square, Westminster, and Southbank…

View from Trafalgar Square




Unfortunately, my team didn’t end up winning the hunt, but it aided me in my journey to slowly become more and more acquainted with my temporary home!

We begin our courses on Monday, which I am incredibly excited for!  The majority of the courses offered here at Regent’s provide students with opportunities to learn through exploration of the city we are living in. My courses include seeing 8 plays, backstage tours of historic theaters, museum visits, and visits to other historic landmarks around London.

I promise I will stop my jet lag induced rambling soon and put you out of your boredom!  So to conclude, if you would like, I would love to take you along on this European adventure with me this semester as I explore the beautiful city of London, among many others across the EU!



Morgan Fisher


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Alumni Posts

Stuck in Summer

by Alumni Posts on September 15, 2014

in College Life

I know that the academic year has begun, but I can’t help thinking about the summer I just had each day. After class, after this meeting, that practice, that job, all I can seem to do is remember and relive through memories of where I was this summer, thanks to Fontbonne.

Fontbonne offers many study abroad programs for a variety of times, majors, and countries. I decided about ten months ago that I was going to do it. Finally study abroad.

Fully committed, everything somehow came together, and I spent five weeks in London, one in Paris, and then one week on holiday in Prague and Barcelona this summer. I studied at Regent’s University: London, and took two classes related to my major, Fashion Merchandising.

Yeah, I missed out on that wonderful St. Louis summer, and came back so dreadfully tired, but none of that matters. The experiences I had, both in and out of the classroom, don’t compare to any others in my lifetime. I would go back and do it all over again, given the chance. Studying abroad definitely helped me see the world in a new way, and how I fit in it. Before, I used to think St. Louis was enough for me. Now, I don’t know. Maybe Fontbonne is the stepping stone, the mother university to prepare me for what I’m really meant to do in life — that being anything I wish.


Only in London can you see Big Ben. Only in London can you see Buckingham Palace. And, only in London can you see queen.

I felt a huge “aha” moment come over me when I first saw Big Ben. The architecture and gold detailing on that building is absolutely gorgeous. Seeing such an iconic monument really hit me that I’m in London. My breath was taken away (and not just because of all the wind) and I felt like I could just stare for hours. Plus, the massive Houses of Parliament are in that same area. It doesn’t get more British than that!

Oh wait, but it does. After visiting Big Ben, I witnessed the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Talk about a beautiful building! The “guards” are those guys that dress in the red coats and big furry black hats, which are called busbies (and by the way, against popular belief, they do talk). A ceremony of music, marching, and horses took place. My face was pressed up against the front gates. The view doesn’t get any better than that! That same afternoon, I spent time relaxing in St. James’s Park, which is nearby Buckingham Palace. It was actually sunny for once on that particular afternoon, making it an absolutely lovely day.

The very next day, I found myself back in that same area. I started my day gazing at Big Ben again, and then walked through the park full of trees, pigeons, and fresh flowers, finally making my way to Buckingham Palace. I was watching the guards again, but for a different reason. This time, they were being inspected by Queen Elizabeth. She was being pulled around in a fancy horse-drawn carriage. At times it was difficult to see through the hundreds of officers on horses (not to mention the 20,000 tourists). But I did in fact get a decent view of the queen (eventually). I did see her with my own eyes. Yep, that’s right. I was in the presence of royalty.

Only in London…


One week of study abroad classes down, four more weeks to go! Although, it’s not like I’m counting down the days I have left in London. I don’t want to rush this amazing experience. The course that I’m taking is called “Styling Fashion.” This is not a class offered in the fashion merchandising program at Fontbonne, which is one of the reasons I decided to take it at Regents School of Fashion and Design. I was nervous that the teacher was going to be really intense, but she is absolutely amazing. She is very cut-throat, but extremely knowledgeable, fun, and fabulous. There are 13 students in the class, which is nice. Coming from Fontbonne, I am used to having a small, intimate setting like this.

I was assigned to complete six photo shoots by the end of the term. Each one will have a theme that the student can be creative with in terms of styling, directing, photographing, etc. The shoots can take place in the campus studio or anywhere else out in the city if one decides to do so. Just in the first two class periods, we have traveled to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Wallace Collection for inspiration (both of which contained stunning exhibits). The first shoot is called “Paper Whiteout,” in which I must construct a garment using only white paper. The second one is called “Deconstruct/Reconstruct.” For this one I will cut up a couple t-shirts and turn them into something completely new. After that I will do photo shoot called “Mood Food” and use any kind of food to make a garment, accessory, or whatever else my heart desires. Additional projects include “Weekend City Shoot,” Tribes,” and “The Rest is History.” The last one entails picking a famous icon, then emulating that icon in a modern way. I am extremely excited to be working on these assignments. I love hands-on projects, so this is definitely right up my alley. But this does not necessarily mean it is easy for me. I am still being challenged to use limited resources with a limited budget. One thing that’s not limited is creativity. Nobody can restrict that.


Is this London life real?

by Alumni Posts June 10, 2013

It’s still hitting me that this is my life right now. A few days ago I arrived in London to study abroad this summer. It’s hard to believe that this dream is now a reality. I have already seen and done so many amazing things, and this is only the beginning! My class starts tomorrow, […]

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