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Lip Synch

Well, last night concluded spirit week 2011, and what a week it was!  I got more involved than I planned on, but I do not regret my decision one bit. This past Monday we had a sand volleyball tournament at Concordia Seminary. There was a great turn out, and my team actually won. We won gift cards for Papa John’s, and we got the opportunity to play the staff volleyball team Wednesday night. I was not able to attend the staff vs. student’s volleyball game because my soccer game interfered, but I would like to just say that my team came out and showed the staff who was boss, at least in volleyball. Thursday night, we got to show our skills in singing or not so much, when they had karaoke in the DSAC. I sang a few songs, embarrassed myself a bit, but had a blast while doing it. It seemed that people were really enjoying it!

Then Friday, the big day. The Lip Sync competition of 2011. Now I must say, I am not a person to go in front of crowds and make a fool of myself, but I decided to do just that last night. My friend and I decided last minute to do the lip sync! There was a lot of great competition, and we came out and gave it our all as we did our lip sync to Justin Bieber’s “One Time.” Hilarious, I know.  I am so glad I got the opportunity to do this, and I never knew I could have that much fun facing one of my biggest fears.  Props to the winners for the fourth year in a row, Mike Horn and Tj Eggleston.  And major props to William who came out and gave them some crazy competition. A lot of people believe he was the real first place winner! I hope everyone enjoyed spirit week as much as I did, and thank you FAB for getting all of it together!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Four weeks into the school year and everything is in full swing. I know that as a senior, classes are REALLY important now. Not that they weren’t important before, but it just kind of hit me that “Hey, this is your life!”

Luckily there are a few things around here that I have to look forward to to de-stress. One thing that happens when we’re in the thick of it is the Lip Sync competition. I have gone almost every year since I’ve been here, and the year I didn’t go I watched on the performances online. It’s gone from what kind of seemed like a thrown-together event to a full-fledged FAB sensation. The house is usually packed. A lot of that is due to the reigning champs, my classmates Mike Horn and T.J. Eggleston. My sources have told me that these guys are already working on their performance for Friday night. But it’s hush hush–they won’t tell anybody what song they’re going to be doing so they can keep it a surprise. I look forward to finding out what song they chose and if they’re going to be dethroned this year. I hope to see you there!


My favorite on campus event would have to be the lipsync contest that was held in the fall of this fontbonnesarahschool year.  I had the time of my life being involved in that.  I just planned this one song to lipsync to, but then my good friend gave me the idea to use costumes.  That made it even more believable!  It was so much fun, and I’m not gonna lie, we were actually quite good lipsync-ers.  Another act of guys were awesome.  They lipsynced to a Michael Jackson song, and their moves were so perfect.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.  It was a hoot of a time! 

On campus, they had a comedian that I thought was a hoot!  I am a fan of comedians that is if they’re funny.  I’ll just say this much, I was laughing hysterically when he made jokes about people who drive and talk to themselves.  The things he was making jokes about I do all of the time.  It was hysterical, let me tell you.  Gosh.  It was extremely funny.  Usually, I will laugh at one joke, but this comedian had me rolling on the floor! 

The next on campus event that I participated in was the hypnotist.  Now, I wasn’t into that stuff or so I thought…  The hypnotist had me doing things that weren’t out of the ordinary, but they were funny.  It was just a time for me to let loose and unwind from school work.  That’s all it’s about.  Relaxation is the key here!  If you’re relaxed then you can let your mind take you to places you’ve never been before.  I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything!

What experience will you have at Fontbonne? Come see what’s going on at one of the upcoming open houses!


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