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Autumn Drives

by Alumni Posts on October 23, 2015

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My favorite thing to do in the fall is taking a drive through the country side. Nothing says fall like being surrounded by colorful trees, the open road, and empty fields. My family grew up in Washington, MO so frequent trips were taken down backroads to see family. It was the most wonderful thing putting your favorite music on the radio and driving down to the small town of Washington. The music complements the array of “ice cream trees” as the roads twist and turn. I called them this when I was little, for they look like colorful scoops of ice cream in the distance.

When the drive was over and we finally arrived in Washington, we did the next best thing. We’d drive over to the old part of town and settle in at Cowan’s Restaurant, home of some of the best pie I’ve ever had. (Do I even need to mention how the meringue on their lemon pie is literally like a foot high off the table? *heart eyes emoji*) My favorite was the Reese’s pie and they have some pretty dang good home cooked meals, including my favorite dish, their catfish. Then it it’s off to a bonfire on one of the country sides neighborhoods, which is the perfect end to a chilly night and a clear starry sky.


Hello, everyone:

Today’s blog is just a recap on my week. Well, the one thing that’s actually interesting. On Tuesday, October 16th, FISA had the International Potluck. Each member of our club brought in a dish that they’ve made (or bought) to share with the whole campus. The food was great, but I did wish that we had much more food!

I made Vietnamese sandwiches with my mom, and she also made Vietnamese pudding; Izzy brought fried rice; Ben brought preserved eggs; Ana brought Brazilian chocolate and corn pudding (I wish I could spell the original names, but oh well); Cata brought her homemade lemon pie; Raegene brought Minute Maid Lemonade; and lastly, Carlos brought coconut flan. Delicious, right? Yes, indeed!

So overall, we had a successful event. Everyone loved the food very much. My twin sister, Mary, and our baby brother, Avin, were also there. It was a lovely day, too. There will be another potluck for next semester, so keep on the lookout!

Have a great weekend. 🙂


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