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Learning English

Oct 20 is the annual celebration for The National Day on Writing.

The Kinkel Center at Fontbonne had a fun event for celebrating the National Day on Writing, and also encouraged students to write more.

I joined this event in our library last Thursday, Oct 18.

In this event, the Kinkel Center invited students to write a story that began “It was a dark and stormy night on the Fontbonne campus…”. Every student added a sentence to make the story become scarier.

Before I added a sentence to the story, somebody wrote “The wind whistled eerily between the buildings and dry leaves blew across the sidewalk.” So, I just added a sentence “Then, some scary voice was coming out from the tree.” Haha, I don’t like scary stories, but it was so much fun to play this game.

I love reading and writing, because they are the most important tools to increase my knowledge and improve my English. Beginning to see myself as a writer and reader was a crucial step on my journey in learning English. I like to explore the world of America by reading, and share what I learned by writing. It’s hard to keep writing and reading in English, but it’s worth it to do it.


Students writing for Real Life at Fontbonne are paid a small fee for each post by the university.