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Leadership Positions

It is 10 AM, I’m walking into the Anheuser-Busch Hall Conference Room with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in my right hand while glancing at my left as it holds an agenda while I prepare for that week’s meeting. Being President of an International Non-Profit Organization has its ups and downs. I have been President for 2 years now and I wouldn’t change a thing! So what does Enactus do? Enactus takes the power of entrepreneurial action and creates a better more sustainable world for us all! So what are we up to this year?


This year, we are helping a Non-Profit called the Criminal Justice Ministry (CJM) in their hopes to help former offenders with Job Skill Rehabilitation. The skills that the former offenders learn will help them: land a job, give them a fresh start on life, and much more. The best part for all of you students, even though we are primarily a business organization, that doesn’t mean you have to be a business major to join! We need everyone! We even have a few Psychology majors on our Board helping us because it would give them a chance to maybe psychologically evaluate the former offenders. Computer Science Majors are helping with consultation on a website re-design and who knows, maybe an App! Fashion Merchandising are going to help with the production of the fabric and patterns that will be used for their current line of products (Dog scarves). As you can see, we need everyone! We are really excited about the project this year! And we also attend the Regional & National Conferences where we present our efforts. Since Enactus is a Non-Profit Organization, the judges that we present to are your potential co-workers or Company Recruiters. You can walk out of these Conferences with a Job or Internship! I even won an award for serving 500+ Hours! If you are interested in joining, let me know! Until next time guys, stay classy!


Last week, Fontbonne hosted its first-ever presidential scholarship interviews. (Staff and faculty interviewed prospective students as part of the scholarship application process). Your question is this: If you were interviewing prospects, what would you look for in a candidate? What qualities make a successful (and happy!) Fontbonne student?

If I was interviewing prospects, I would like to look for confidence, positive attitude, and potential leadership qualities. If the student has experiences from their high school clubs, then they would elaborate on what they did, how they did it, and what skills they’ve developed from those experiences. For those who didn’t join any clubs, I would ask  them if they would take the chances here at Fontbonne, especially if they’ve never stepped out of their comfort zone.

I may also ask the students about what they would do differently for our campus, like what kind of ideas they have or what do they expect from us? If the student answers questions well and asks good questions, then they could have a better chance of receiving the scholarship. Am I right or am I right? 🙂

As a student myself, I was able to gain more experiences here at Fontbonne. In high school, I was most active in the National Honors Society group. We did fundraisers, bought Christmas gifts for children at Children’s Hospital, and things like that. I was scared to have a leadership role though. However, I gained more confidence when I came to Fontbonne because of the people here.

For the students who were interviewed, I wish them the best luck on their paths! Hopefully, some of them decided  to come to Fontbonne. 🙂


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