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Justin Bieber

This past weekend was fairly simple. I worked, babysat, and did homework. I also went shopping for a little bit at The Children’s Place, which was the most significant part of my weekend (well, except for watching Justin Bieber perform on Saturday Night Live). You can laugh, but I still purchase some of my clothes from the children’s section of stores and shop at stores especially for kids (i.e. Justice). I light up more when I walk into The Children’s Place opposed to, let’s say, a Forever 21 and other similar retailers. By incorporating bright colors and shiny details, the design in kid’s clothing is so full of life, fun, and happiness. Considering I love these attributes, it hit me this weekend that I maybe should go into children’s wear as a career. I’ve already known for years that I wanted to work in the fashion industry, but not exactly what specifically. There are so many options, but I may have found my niche.

In one of my fashion classes, HES205: Apparel Production and Evaluation, we are working on a major project right now. Students have to develop the concept and production steps for five garments. While my classmates are working with expensive designer looks (not that they’re wrong in doing so), I have been inspired to do children’s wear. I think I see a pattern here…

We’ll see what the next couple years at Fontbonne will bring me. I am always open to a variety of opportunities and seeing what’s out there!


When I am doing some hard-core studying, there’s always a certain process I go through. First of all, I turn off all distractions. I’m not the type of person that can work with music or TV on.  Because, I can guarantee you, as soon as Justin Bieber comes on, all of my focus is lost. I like being in my room the best. Whether it’s my room at home or dorm room at school, it just feels like the safest place to be.

At the beginning of my study session, I usually sit at my desk and read over notes continuously. Then, I will move to my bed, chair, or even floor, and read the notes again. I like to shift positions so that I don’t get too tired and stop absorbing information. Sometimes, I”ll even stand and study. After I feel like I’ve read my notes enough times, I like to quiz myself. I write my own little test based on the study guide (or whatever notes I am referring to). I take my test with all notes away, then grade myself. This is a great way to see what I still did not remember, so I know what to focus my attention on. I feel like a study session shouldn’t last more than two hours. Anything longer than that gets to be too overwhelming in one sitting.

Finally, the morning of a quiz or test, I read over my notes one last time. I like to read while I eat, so breakfast is a good time for me to refresh my mind with the information. This process must work for me, considering I’ve gotten straight A’s throughout my high school and college career so far. Good luck to anybody trying to figure out their own study habits that work best for them.

Happy studying!


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