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What an eventful week these past seven days have been! This past week was dedicated to our new university president, Dr. Pressimone. The week was filled with lectures, panels, Dr. Pressimone’s official inauguration, investiture receptions, a fall festival, and a ball to end the week and celebrate the inauguration on Saturday.

My favorite event by far was the inaugural ball on Saturday. It was held at the Science Center just a few minutes from school. The ball was held in a private reception area that was decorated beautifully! Staff, faculty, students, staff, alumni, and the Pressimone clan were all in attendance and everyone seemed to have a great time! There were appetizers, a dance floor, a dj, and a photo booth complete with fun props! I don’t think anyone will forget the fun they had that night!

The week as a whole was definitely one for the books! Not only was it an important part for Fontbonne history, but a week long celebration of fun!


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This week was inauguration week and it was super exciting. Fontbonne always has events going on, but this week we had events almost everyday. I got the chance to attend the Last Lecture series. Dr. Sommer spoke, but no worries — he’s not actually going away. The premise of the last lecture series is one question, “If this were your last lecture, what would you tell the students?” This simple question proposed can make you think of a lot of answers. Dr. Sommer, in my opinion, kept it simple yet still sent a powerful message. The room was full of people; the Lewis room was packed with people anticipating him to speak and the energy was great. The simplicity spoken to everyone in the room I believe when he said that the central theme was to just find yourself. Knowing who you are and when to release it is also essential. The last lecture left a lasting impression on me with the latter statement.

The Last Lecture was fantastic, but it’s not over yet. This weekend is the official ball to welcome our new president, Dr. Pressimone. Bring your gowns, suits and ties because it’s meant to be a beautiful night. We also have the official inauguration ceremony for Dr. Pressimone and it will be just as magical as the ball. Can’t make it? No worries, it will be live streamed! It should be available when the actual ceremony takes place tomorrow on November 14th. Inauguration week is exciting and new. A new president means new beginnings, but not taking away from the tradition at Fontbonne. In the years to come we will build upon the old and form new exciting traditions, achievements, while remembering where we came from.


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