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UGANDA be Kidding Me!

by Candance on March 13, 2017

in Our Causes

Is Spring semester over yet? What about Summer semester?! LOL LOL. Not quite!!!

I can’t wait for summer to get here! Why?! You ask.

I’ll be traveling to Gulu, Uganda on an immersion trip with a few other FBU students this summer (end of July) and I’m very excited! Did I mention, I’M VERY EXCITED !!! 🙂

Traveling internationally is something I’m beginning to enjoy doing and I know I’ll be doing more international traveling in the future (I’m claiming it right now!) To experience life outside of the US is such a fascinating opportunity and if you allow it, it gives you a different perspective on life once you’re back home in the states. It causes you to appreciate the little things more than ever and to begin living life to fullest! At least that has been my experience.

Have you ever traveled outside of the country? What were thoughts? How did you feel about your experience?

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