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holiday dessert

Can you believe that there is an event to eat frozen yogurt for FREE?

I participated in a “holiday preview” event to help FroYo, a frozen yogurt company, taste new holiday flavors, and then I got a whole cup of frozen yogurt for FREE after I ranked those flavors.

Here is the rule for the game:

Step 1. The clerk gave me a tasting card, and also gave me four small cups for “mystery flavor” frozen yogurt. I tasted them individually, and ranked them from 1-4. I called them mystery flavor, because this clerk didn’t tell me what I ate.

Step 2. After I gave my ranked list to the clerk, the clerk told me the name of each mystery flavor. Then, I got a free cup to fill with the frozen yogurt I wanted from the holiday flavors. In addition, they also gave participants a “Buy one get one free” card to thank us for being tasters.

Step 3: On the next day, I received an email from FroYo telling me that the winning flavors are Mountain Mint Chocolate and Chocolate La Rouge. Apparently, chocolate is still the popular flavor for this holiday.

I like to be a taster because I like to taste new food, so this event was so much fun for me! If you don’t fear tasting new flavors and are interested in tasting, they have this event every fall or winter season. Just google “FroYo Exclusive Holiday Preview,” and you will have a chance to try the FREE frozen yogurt tasting also receive a free cup of frozen yogurt!


Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and most of everyone here at Fontbonne has gone home for break. Only the few are left, including myself, but I will be driving back home this evening after dance practice for Griffin Girls. With the beginning of this holiday season, we are reminded of all that we have to be thankful for, and although Griffin Girls is preventing me from leaving for break sooner than later, it is the latest aspect of my life I am thankful for.

Dance was a part of my life for thirteen years, and upon entering college I decided for it not to be. That was a mistake. In the absence of dance I was able to realize all that is does for me. I consider dance to be my creative outlet. Everyone has one. My father’s is music, my sister’s art, but it is dance that allows me to put any frustration, happiness, or other emotion I feel somewhere, rather than holding it inside. Without dance my life seems like a mess, but with it I have a place to send anything I wish, and express how I feel. Today I am extremely thankful for the Griffin Girls dance team, all that they are and all they allow me to do. My family and others close to me will be coming to watch our performances this weekend, and I am grateful they are making the journey.

Griffin Girls at Griffinsanity

On a lighter note, I am thankful for tradition. Tomorrow I will me preparing my grandmother’s traditional holiday dessert: white pie! Many of you may not know what that is, but it is vanilla custard heaven in a pie! I’m sure next week I will be blogging more about its deliciousness and will try to include a picture. Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next week…


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