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Thank You Note(s)

by Morgan on November 21, 2016

in College Life

Hi everyone! We are getting very close to the final stretch of the semester, so please do your best and try to finish strong!! We’ve made it this far, so I know all of you have enough strength to finish out as strongly as you can! But back to more important things at hand: Thanksgiving. 1 week away. We are days away from Thanksgiving Break, and I couldn’t be more excited. My favorite things about Thanksgiving include all of the food that is socially acceptable to eat all in one day, when everyone talks about what they’re thankful for, and all of our families coming together for this holiday; and then shortly after for Christmas, but that’s another story.

I am thankful for my family because of how supportive they are of me. I know I don’t come home as they would probably like, despite me being 30 minutes away from home, but they understand all of the things that I have going on every week. I love them too much for words and I cannot wait to be with them for ¬†Thanksgiving next week! Absence absolutely makes the heart grow fonder.

I am also thankful for all of the friends that I have made at Fontbonne, and you all know who you are. I never imagined having such amazing friends that would make not being at school so difficult. I know Thanksgiving Break is a tease for the month long Christmas Break, but we saw each other practically every day for an entire semester; Christmas Break’s got nothing on us. I love all of you (just like my family, too much for words to express) and couldn’t imagine my life without you at school because it most definitely would be crazy.

Sorry for the sappy post, but I haven’t had one in a while, so ENJOY! I hope you all have a wonderful, delicious, and safe Thanksgiving Break; and don’t do too much homework because you can use Ross’s favorite excuse:


Thanks again everyone!




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