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Of all the seasons in the midwest, I have to say that autumn is hands down my favorite one. The weather has cooled down from the hot weather of summer, but hasn’t hasn’t become the unbearable cold of winter. Everything is crisp and there’s a riot of color everywhere. One of my favorite activities in autumn is to go for long walks around my neighborhood, in the parks, and hiking out on the trails. The changing leaves make for a beautiful landscape and the weather lends itself well to wearing hoodies and drinking hot beverages.

My favorite park to walk in is Tower Grove (mostly because it’s so close to my house), but there are tons of parks in the city from which to choose. Forest Park is probably the best known one, and Lafayette Square park is small but so full of color it’s worth going to. I’m also a huge fan of Castlewood Park in the county for some excellent hiking, the trail is good and there are look out points on the top of a giant hill where you can see for miles. Laumeier Sculpture park offers a beautiful landscape and some really cool sculptures all throughout the grounds.

There are so many more awesome places to visit in the city and out in the county, I recommend taking some time to explore the area and enjoy the autumn colors!




It’s always about halfway through spring semester, when it starts to get warm again and the days are longer, that I want to be outside rather than in a classroom or studying. But the spring weather can still be enjoyed during the school year. Today, my friend and I took a nice walk to Oak Knoll Park and studied in the shade with our shoes kicked off. It is so nice to enjoy the outdoors and be productive. And next week I won’t even have to be very productive…spring break here I come.

I can enjoy the warm weather all next week (that is, if crazy Midwest Mother Nature decides it should remain warm). I will be returning to my hometown in Southern Illinois. I cannot wait to drive my car, see my dog, and hang out with my friends and family! It should be a pretty laid back week. It is also my sister’s 15th birthday…can’t believe how old she is! Pretty soon she’ll be dating…duh, duh, duh… Anyway, she asked for a sock hop party, so we’ll be dancing to some fifties music, hanging records on the wall, wearing poodle skirts, and maybe watching some old films.

I also plan to do a lot of hiking. Southern Illinois has quite a few scenic places to hike. One of my favorites is Garden of the Gods. If you ever get the chance, check this place out! There are endless cliffs that give you a perfect view of the trees and farmland below. If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can even climb up some of the bluffs and crawl through some fat man’s squeeze areas. Just talking about it makes me itch to be outside.

The rest of my break will be spent sleeping in my super comfortable bed and watching endless episodes of Vampire Diaries on Netflix. Don’t roll your eyes…you’ll be doing it too.


In my personal opinion, the best thing you can do in the fall in St. Louis is go out and enjoy the beauty of the season! This past week, a few friends and I went out hiking in Castlewood State Park. It was such a nice, peaceful change of scenery from campus and the city and provided some much needed stress relief for all of us! We took a 3 mile hike through the woods and were just awed by the lovely changing leaves. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out with homework and classes and life in general, I’m going to try to go out and hike again. I’m so very glad we found Castlewood, and I hope that we can go out there again soon!


The days of summer are ticking by one by one, with some surprisingly cool temperatures these past few days. This past Sunday, I did the normal routine of making pancakes, waffles, or some sort of breakfast meal (from scratch, I might add) for my family. During breakfast, we were discussing what we could do that day. I said, “Let’s go hiking!”

The day was supposed to be a gorgeous 75 degrees like the previous one, perfect for an outdoor activity. Hiking is one of my dad’s favorite things to do. He used to hike in Colorado every summer with his family, and has passed the tradition down to us. I wanted to get out and do something, and hiking could be done to get everyone out of the house doing something together.

It was settled. We were to hurry up, get ready, and start driving south. Just about an hour from where I live is a vast area of camping sites and hiking trails. We settled on one called Ferne Clyffe. We started out on a four or five mile hike around bluffs and a lake. The weather, the air, everything was perfect. It was nice to spend a whole day outdoors and do something active. Everybody put up their phones, video games, and (in my case) to-do lists for the day and took in the scenery.

It was a moderate hike, so we were definitely feeling it the next day, but I’m glad we did it. Summer is ending, and I want to be able to have a few stories to tell outside of my normal everyday routine. Now back to the to-do lists of buying textbooks, emailing, working on projects, and cleaning. Three weeks until the fall semester. I know I’ll blink and it will fly on by.

Thanks for reading..

The view from the hike

The lake viewed on our hike

My Dad, Brother, and I


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