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by Alumni Posts on February 17, 2014

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Love never fails it always prevails. When someone truely loves you they will show you and tell you. Love is beautiful and we should cherish it. My valentine’s day was good. My boyfriend surprised me with my favorite chocolate, turtles, a thoughtful card, and a heart balloon. Hope everyone enjoyed there Valentine’s day!!!!


Alumni Posts

Heart Month

by Alumni Posts on February 8, 2012

in Campus Community

Hello, Fontbonne Community! Yesterday, I was at a Walmart store and decided to check my blood pressure. I have been seeing a higher than my normal range after the birth of my baby three months ago. I was shocked to see that the reading was even higher — 145/90-hypertension 1. I realized that I cannot ignore taking serious action to engage in a healthier lifestyle. I want to promote the Wellness Fair on February 14, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. in the Medaille Hall AMC. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of checking your blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar numbers. I am not a health nut, but as a 32 year old black female, I know that I run a risk of diseases that I have to work hard to prevent and my weight is part of the problem. Many of you in the community might be younger than I am, but it is still important to get a physical at least once a year. Take advantage of Fontbonne’s free health fair as well as other facilities that promote health and wellness.


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