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Hey everyone! It’s already November which means it’s getting close to finals and the end of semester. With that comes stress, and with stress comes the potential abandonment of the healthy habits that may have been keeping you going all semester, as things like eating healthy and getting exercise are put aside for studying and finishing up projects. I’ve been there before, but now more than ever is the time to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and giving your body the fuel and rest it needs to truck through the last few weeks of school. I’m here to help, with the top 5 things I always use to stay in a healthy routine.

1.) Water bottle– You can use a fancy Swell bottle that will keep your water cold for 5 years, or you can buy a normal bottle from literally any store in America. Pick one you like that you don’t mind carrying around with you everywhere and get your drink on. Dehydration will only slow you down and cause fatigue that definitely won’t help you when you’re trying to study. Take the bottle with you and set it in front of you during class so that you’re reminded to take a sip every few seconds.

2.) Jump rope- You can buy one at Walmart for literally $5 and trust me, this will revolutionize your workout routine. Jumping rope is a simple and effect cardiovascular exercise that can help you increase both speed and stamina and keeps your heart rate up to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. You can also take it anywhere, and it’s a really easy way to get a quick workout in a small space like your dorm room.

3.) Earphones- I find it impossible to work out, or even just walk across campus really, without music. Grab yourself a pair at the bookstore and make a workout playlist that gets you motivated. They’re a great thing to have when you’re not feeling the music that is usually blasting in the campus gym, and they’re also awesome when you’re in public and just need a moment to yourself to relax. Plug them in, find a song you love, and you’ll feel your stress levels drop by the second.

4.) Meditation apps- There are plenty of these to choose from. Pick one you like, and try to meditate every day, even if t’s only for 1 minute. Mediation can help reduce your stress and anxiety, and has even been shown to improve people’s focus and outlook on life. These will especially come in handy during finals week when your stress levels are at an all time high.

5.) Fruits and Veggies- If you live on campus and have a meal plan, make sure you eat at Ryan at least once a day. No matter what they are serving that day, they ALWAYS have steamed veggies, a salad bar, and fruit, usually berries. Fill up at least half your plate with fruits and veggies and you’re going to be loading yourself up with things like fiber to keep you full, and vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy. If you don’t have a meal plan, find out what produce is in season right now and go grab some. Produce in season is usually more readily available, and therefore will be cheaper when it is in season than any other time of the year. My favorite easy, cheap, and go-to fruit right now is apples, which can be eaten as they are or cut up and put in things like oatmeal and cereal. My favorite vegetable right now is carrots, which I love to dip in hummus for a snack!

I hope you find this list helpful and that you try out some of my healthy suggestions! Have an awesome week everyone.



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