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Healthy lifestyle

It’s finals week and many of you have started the stressful endeavor of studying for finals!

Now, you might swear by all-nighters and that “I-learn-better-under-pressure” excuse, but here are some legitimate tips for a brain-boost while you study for finals.

1. Don’t forget to sleep!

You may be tempted to stay up all night but getting some shut-eye will help you remember all that useful info you studied.  Plus, who wants to be groggy on finals morning?  Study hard, sleep hard.

2.  Have a healthy snack

A snack with fiber and protein will keep you from feeling that mid-day “crash” in energy.  Try a granola bar like Kashi or Luna,  string cheese and whole wheat crackers, or a bowl of cereal made with whole grains like Special-K, Kashi, or Multi-grain Cheerios with milk.

3. Get an natural energy drink

Try brewing a cup of green/black/white/herbal tea with lemon or coffee however you like it.  These are better ways to get quick energy than, say, a soda or energy drink with tons of sugar.  The bookstore in Ryan sells Noggin energy drinks made with stevia and green tea extract, in addition to cold-bottled Starbucks drinks if you can’t get off campus.

4. Relax and know that summer is almost here!

Trust me, I have to remind myself of this one too.  Don’t completely forgo studying because it’s almost the end of the year, but use it as motivation to do your best and not let the stress of finals ruin your mood.  Summer is just around the corner!


Getting back into the groove of things isn’t the simplest of tasks. This week, I really began to feel the impact of this semester flying by! I can gladly assure you that I survived my first few tests and papers, all while managing to be a part of campus life (SAFACS and STARS), and working weekends (Sometimes I wonder, “How?!”).

Through it all, I have vowed to stay active at least 30 minutes to 1 hour per day and always have a healthy meal on hand.  Any college student can agree that this isn’t an easy vow to keep — but it’s not impossible!  Here are a few ways I stay on top of things even when time is scarce:


I keep a personal agenda and a school agenda. This way, when I know I have a thousand things to do, I can jot them down in my calendar and free my mind from worrying if I’ll remember to do something. When I get seriously busy, I like to schedule my day by the hour. Listen, it sounds tedious- but I reserve this for my really busy days, and it gets the job done! Don’t forget to schedule time for music, relaxation, a walk, or however you choose to spend your allotted “free time”.

Use Your Time Wisely

If you’re surfing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram in between classes, you’re not the only one! Let me warn you though, mindless surfing adds up! This results in a big time-suck in your day. Now I’m not suggesting you completely give up Instagram-ing your Iced Mocha Lattes with your best friend, but rather, start becoming aware of how much time you spend mindlessly using social media, such as watching cat videos on YouTube.

Give Yourself a Break

Although this may sound counter-intuitive, giving yourself a break every so often will improve your studying, not hurt it!  Giving yourself a chance to grab a coffee, chat with a friend, or go on a run will give you more energy towards the projects you are in the process of conquering.  Personally, my favorite ways to give myself a break are: Watching an episode of my current-show on Netflix, cooking, taking pictures on Instagram (mindfully, of course) and going to the gym.

How do you like to give yourself a break during a busy semester?


Snap shot of dinner & snack for my Tuesday evening class

One of my priorities: packing healthy foods for long school days!


Hello Everyone,
Our prompt this week was to reflect on something that we try to do every day that is challenging in our life. I racked my brain for something that I do and I guess my answer to this prompt is I simply try every day to live a healthy lifestyle. Two things I make sure to do is exercise and eat healthy. Sounds simple, but every day is a new day full of challenges and temptations. I find it way too easy to justify the multiple deserts in one day instead of just one because of the various “exercises” I did that day (and that could just be using the stairs in Ryan or Medaille!). I am not saying it is the worst thing in the world to indulge. I actually find it very satisfying to have moments of no guilt snacking because we are only human and sometimes we want those uber greasy French fries and slice of German chocolate cake! Some things I try to do, as a college student with a limited budget is to try to only buy a few snacks to have in my room like apples, carrots, or peanuts. All are good sources of vitamins and protein. Besides the “good-for-you” snacks, I make it a point to have one “bad-for-you” snack, like Oreos or a couple candy bars because on rough days apples are not going to make you feel better. Chocolate is a good pick me up and having some in your room already keeps you from spending unnecessary dollars at the vending machine! Eating good is great, but not complete without that all engrossing work out that keeps your blood pumping and mind moving to be fueled and focused for academics. I lack motivation to exercise on my own. I always start off strong then peter out as time goes with various excuses (homework, need sleep, I don’t feel like it).

A great thing Fontbonne provides is the wellness classes throughout the year like yoga, Zumba, and boot camp. I have done the yoga class, which was a great time to relieve my stress and anxiety. I, also, do the Zumba class at Fontbonne and student only have to pay $10 for the entire class. That is way cheaper than any monthly gym subscription! What helps me get to the classes is having a buddy. She keeps me motivated to want to come to class every week because I like spending time with my friends and a wellness class is more fun with people you know. So this life style is a never-ending work in progress. A lot of days I fail in little ways, but I do not let them completely stunt my head way. I just keep moving forward. One day at a time. So find something in your life that you wish to change and just keep on trying until something works. It will be worth it in the end!


Students writing for Real Life at Fontbonne are paid a small fee for each post by the university.