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Well, now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time to focus our attention on the most important part of December.  It may be a bit stressful to think about, but if you’re well prepared it won’t be a problem. The main thing is to go in with a game plan, stay positive, and don’t be afraid if things require a little bit of compromise and flexibility. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s time for…… CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!! (And Final Exams, which the prior advice is also applicable to.)

So how does the president of the Environmental Club approach Christmas gifting? Two ways: 1. Secondhand, and  2. Handmade.

First of all, you would be surprised at the gems you can find at the antique store or thrift shop. Beautiful jewelry (much cheaper than the mall, too!), vases, figurines, lovely containers, clothing, furniture, dishes – and it’s all unique and one of a kind. Check out the mall first, if you must, but then head down to your nearest secondhand shop (there are some great antique stores on Big Bend, by the way) and see how the selection compares! I love to buy secondhand things for myself, too, because it’s an easy way to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

My other gift of choice is something handmade. In the past I’ve made soup mixes, granola, body scrubs, candles, baking kits, blankets – the list goes on. And if you think you have to be super crafty to make this stuff, you’re wrong. Anyone who has a Pinterest account knows that there is a abundance of ideas out there to take advantage of, and most things won’t break your budget, either! Plus, you can take the care to know exactly what’s in your gifts – no weird chemicals or artificial ingredients. Giving someone a handmade gift shows that you care enough to spend a little extra time on them – and sometimes a little extra time is what people appreciate most. Happy Holidays!!


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