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Guy-Girl Dance

Wow. I can hardly believe we’re already a few weeks into the spring semester at Fontbonne. So much has happened already, and the time has flown by. Just this week there was something exciting every day.

My Monday’s this semester are packed full of classes all day and night, but Tuesday the Griffin Girls began working on one of the last dances for this year, the Guy/Girl Dance. This Wednesday, all the dancers will be joined by Fontbonne guys in a dance during halftime. This year we’re bringing back our childhood with a late 90’s mix of songs. Trivia nights are also happening Tuesday nights at Fontbonne, which excites my competitive side. Two weeks ago, my team won 1st place, but received 2nd last week. We’ll get ’em next time! After all our hard work Tuesday night, we congratulated ourselves with free pancakes at IHop and they were delicious! A late night breakfast was just what I needed with exhaustion setting in too early in the week. Wednesday was much needed quality time with my roommate. Griffin Girls has kept me extremely busy this semester so far, but I was able to watch the season premiere of our favorite show, Smash, with my roommate. To anyone interested in Broadway musicals I highly recommend watching. The show is amazing!

Today was yet another day filled with homework, class, and dance. I have to admit I am exhausted, but thrilled with all that’s happening this semester. Hopefully this weekend is one that is both productive and relaxing! Thanks for reading!

Until next week..


For my first blog entry, I decided to talk about an activity around campus. What better than the last games of the ladies’ and men’s basketball season and the dance crews that went with them. The women’s game came down to an amazing near buzzer-beater to beat one of the best teams in the SLIAC Conference. The gentlemen, however, had a butt-whoopin’. The highlight of the night, however, wasn’t the men and women on the b-ball court, but the team that made it a dance floor! Starting the performances were the Griffin Guys, which gave this blogger both a great laugh and a nightmare I will never forget. During the men’s halftime is when the Griffin Girls performed their Guy-Girl Dance, which I happen to be a part of. The performance went off without a hitch, and we had a great time performing it. Really put all the hard work to use.

Now to think of a sign-off slogan…or somethin’…


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