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Last month was my last official performance as a Fontbonne Griffin Girl!

For those of you who don’t know, Griffin Girls is the Dance Team at Fontbonne.

We mostly just perform at the halftime of the Men’s Basketball Games, but I know that the team is looking to grow by performing at other events and even going to dance conferences/conventions in the future (which I sincerely hope that they do so).

I have discussed my love for dancing in a previous blog post before, which you can read here.

However, I’d like to use this blog post to dedicate my love to the Griffin Girls, which has been such a big part of my experience here at Fontbonne.

Below are some pictures we took at our last basketball performance for the season.

Seniors on Griffin Girls (I also wish that Erica N. and Kelly could be in this picture)! I wish them all the best after graduation!

I love my team!

This is the lovely Conner, who helped me so much this school year with choreography! She is amazing!

This is the super sweet Heather, who happens to be both a Griffin Girl and a Student in one of Fontbonne's Graduate Programs! I have so much respect for her being able to do both.

This is Katelyn, currently our only Freshman on the team. I wish her all the best in her future years on the team and at Fontbonne.

This is my fellow Dancer and Senior Speech Language Pathology Friend, Lee! Our experiences go way back to Freshman Year together.

This is Shannon and she is such a star! I'm amazed by how great she is with not having as much dance technique experience as some of us.

This is Miss Kristen! She makes some of the best faces and is just super rad.

This is the fabulous Tabitha, who tries to do it all! I feel like I've been involved with so many things with her that I can't even keep count of them all. I'm amazed by how much she does, but I also hope that she finds the time to rest.

This is Adrienne! I've had the privilege of being in classes like Yoga and Psychology with her, which have been great. It's been so wonderful to be on the team with her as well.

This is Katy! She always brings so much power and energy into her performances, and I admire her for that.

This is my wonderful Coach Mandie, who has helped guide us all these years. She has basically been the team's mother and one of our biggest supporters.

I’m going to miss dancing with all of these beautiful ladies so much, and I wish all the best for them!

This is the Griffin Girls at our first performance this school year at Fontbonne's Griffinsanity Event.

Peace, Love, & Griffin Girls.

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It has come at last!! Griffinsanity, formerly known as Late Night, is TONIGHT!! The Griffin Girl’s have been practicing and perfecting our routine! But not only will you see us perform, we have a special dance performance with….you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself!

There will be fun and games for all!! You will have the chance to meet the Men and Women’s Basketball teams and the Griffin Girls! But if that is not enticing enough, the first 75 people will receive a free GRIFFINSANITY t-shirt and a chance to win other prizes!!

Soo get PUMPED and head over to the DSAC tonight at 7pm– Dont be late!!

#Griffinsanity #GriffinNation



Here at Fontbonne we have campus event almost every week. Basketball season is about to begin, and this year Fontbonne’s “Late Night” has turned into “Griffinsanity”. In the gym this Friday from 7-9 p.m. students, Fontbonne alumni, and others will be entertained with music, contests, boy’s and girl’s basketball scrimmages, and two performances from the Griffin Girls! As if that isn’t enticing enough, the first 75 students will receive a free Griffinsanity t-shirt!

As a part of the Griffin Girls dance team, I have been preparing for this event along with the rest of the team for the past month. We have really worked hard to make our performances the best they can be. I hope all of you try to make it, not only to see the routines, but to support Fontbonne Athletics. We have a jazz performance and a routine with special guests prepared for all who attend. Your Griffins need your support this Friday so come and check it out!

I am especially anxious about Griffinsanity this Friday. I am both nervous and excited because it will be my first dance performance in a year and a half! Whether you’re interested in dance, basketball, or just the chance of winning some neat prizes, Griffinsanity will be the place to be Friday night.

Until next week…


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