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Griffin’s Nest



by Yuri on March 6, 2017

in Academics,Campus Community

Mid-Terms. The exams that we dread almost as much as Finals. When it comes to study, there are a few things that could be done in order to boost your concentration and your retention of he content that you are trying to memorize.


  1. If you absolutely need background noise of some kind, try either instrumental music or try ambient noise (if your surroundings don’t currently have this: i.e. birds chirping, rain & thunder storms, etc.). Reason being that when you are listening to either instrumental music or ambient noise, you are more inclined to not become distracted. If your music has lyrics: you will more often than not sing along. Or at the very least hum the tune.
  2. If you need absolute silence: This maybe the most obvious, but go to a location that doesn’t have a lot of people making an abundance of noise.  I.e. Libraries, Griffin’s Nest (provided that there is no event/meeting going on up there)
  3. Finally, go outside: Enjoy the weather & soak up the sun. If there are no events going on, the Golden Meadow is a great place to be!

Until next time guys, stay classy!


Today, as all of you know, is Valentine’s Day. I do have that special someone in my life I would have loved to be with, but because of school we were unable to be together. So what’s a girl to do when she’s alone on Valentine’s Day? Girl’s night!

Tonight, after Griffin Girls practice,  most of the team decided to get together with too many desserts, bond, and watch a movie. So we made our way to the Griffin’s Nest and after a long discussion opted not to watch a romantic movie, and settled on Burlesque! Our season with dance is almost over, but it was really nice to get one more get together in before it ends. It’s great that Fontbonne provides spaces like the Griffin’s Nest where we can all hang out together. Us girls shared many laughs tonight, and had as good as a time as any couple would have! The Griffin’s Nest is outfitted with a kitchen and living area with couches, tv with dvd player, and a gaming console. There’s also a ping pong table and foosball table, but we were too tired after practice to mess with any of that. After eating too much red velvet pudding cake one of the girls made and the sugar rush faded, exhaustion set in. It has sure been another long week, but the way it ended was fabulous!

Until next week…


Christmas break was great, but I’m so happy to be back at Fontbonne. I had a fun, action-packed break, so bear with me for a little while because I just HAVE to tell you all about it.

I’m sure that most of you, by now, know that I love theatre. Over break, I was so happy because I was able to see two theatrical performances. I went to the newly-refurbished Peabody Opera House for the first time to see “How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical,” which was a great representation of one of my all-time favorite Christmas stories.  I was also lucky enough to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which is always a treat.

In addition to going to Christmas Traditions in St. Charles in order to see my Fontbonne Theatre friend Ryan Cooper – errr, Jack Frost – I joined some friends from CAB and RHA who met up in the Griffin’s Nest to paint.  Make sure to take a trip up there to see the improvements.

Break was great, but I’m happy to be back.  I have a full semester, complete with Organic Chemistry 2, Anatomy and Physiology 2, Kinesiology, Genetics, Department Research, and Oral Interpretation (for my theatre minor).  Yep, I’ll be busy, but isn’t that the fun of it all?!


I’ve been at Fontbonne for over half a semester now, and I am still finding new places to study and hang out with friends.

Usually, my mornings begin in the library, where I meet up with friends on the second floor in order to study. Around 11, I go to either the DSAC or Ryan for lunch, and then I either go to the Joe with my resident friends or to the library or theatre.

I am astounded at how many nice little places there are to work at. I have recently discovered the Griffin’s Nest and the AMC in Medaille, and the Fine Arts Building has very nice spaces for studying and chilling. AB’s student lounge is also very nice and convenient.

There are just so many places to sit at Fontbonne!

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