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Griffin Girls

The weekend before last marked a significant date in my dance career. It was the last time I “took the stage” as a Griffin Girl. I’ve been on the dance team at Fontbonne for three years. During my freshman year here, I made the mistake to not partake in any extracurricular activities, and forewent what I had been doing since I was five years old.

Clearly, I couldn’t stay away from dance for long, and joined the team the  following year. This decision ranks in the top for the best  decisions I have made in my life so far. You see, dance is not just a sport for me. It’s more than a performance or source of entertainment for others. It’s a way I let myself deal with all that life can throw at me. Dance is my catharsis, my release in life.

So I continued, and I met the greatest gals whom I now call my friends. We were more than just a team. We were there for each other. We all needed dance, and we needed each other. 2014-2015 Griffin Girls

Griffin Girls was the perfect outlet for me to keep dancing and still focus on building the future I so desired. I could dance while focusing on my education, work, and other leadership opportunities. My time here at Fontbonne has been some of the greatest years of my life, due in part to the Griffin Girls.

“Dance with your heart and your body will follow”. Those are the words of choreographer Mia Michaels, and could not be more true. I may not be the dancer with the best leaps, turns, or flexibility, but I dance with my heart in each and every performance. It is my heart that is rooted in dance, and the thought of being done with the art form causes it to ache a little.
The Griffin Girls Cheering on the Griffins

Who knows where I will go with dance next, but my heart will always hold a passion for it. That I know for sure.



“Why are you so involved?” This was the question my supervisor asked me at work last week when I told him I wasn’t closing because I had to go play in the volleyball tournament for ODK.

Although my response was, “I ask myself that question every day,” and those that know me think I’m crazy for taking on as much as I do, you’re only in college once. I’m only at Fontbonne once. Not only that, I feel as though life is about making the most out of what you’re given. Fontbonne gives me an incredible amount to make the most of, so here I am.

Omicron Delta Kappa: a national leadership honor society in its second year on campus

Fontbonne Student Ambassadors: a student organization closely tied to the Office of Admission, giving tours to prospective students daily

Griffin Girls: the dance team and spirit squad of Fontbonne University

Enactus: a business entrepreneurial organization, also on a national level, in its second year at Fontbonne

All this, coupled with an (almost) full time job in retail, classes, and other activities makes my life difficult at times, but so fulfilling thanks to Fontbonne. I have one busy schedule that helps me make the most of my wonderful life as a Fontbonne Griffin.



This past week, my life has been centered around the theme of “work”. Work, work, work. It seems to be all that I do most days. Work on this, work on that. Well now I actually have a job! Earlier this week, I received a call from American Eagle Outfitters. A few days before the phone call I volunteered some of my time assisting them with visual displays and floor sets for a class of mine. They were so impressed that they called me and offered me a job. Either that, or they’re really in need of seasonal help and they’ll take anyone. Regardless of the reason, I’m happy to be employed. I had orientation on Friday and begin training later this week.

The second largest occurrence of work related happenings presented itself today at the first home men’s basketball game. Griffin Girls Dance Team performed to Britney Spears’ song “Work Work”. Check it out on our Facebook page by clicking on this link! Griffin Girls: \”Work Work\”. It was a highly successful first game and I cannot wait for the next on December 4th!

If there’s one thing I learned this week it’s that you make time for what you want to have time for. I added a lot to my already full plate this week, but it’ll all be alright. With a good support system and a little luck (and plenty of caffeine I’m sure), I’ll advance further into what I like to call the “real world”. Here goes nothing!

It's official, I'm employed

Thanks for reading..


When I came to Fontbonne I had no plans to continue dancing  in college.  I hadn’t even brought my dance shoes or supplies with me!  However, towards the end of August I started seeing flyers up all over campus inviting anyone and everyone to come try out for the dance team.  After much convincing from some of my friends I decided to go ahead and audition.  The whole process of the audition was nothing short of intense and challenging.  But, after the long hours of working, learning the dance combinations and performing, I found out that I made it onto the team!

Since then we’ve had a few practices and are starting to actually come together.  I never realized just how much I missed dancing from high school.  It was certainly a hobby that I thought I could live without when I went to college;  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  For me, being on the dance team is a huge and much needed stress reliever from the college workload.  I am so grateful and happy to have the Griffin Girls as a support system and just a constant in my transition from high school to college.  I know that I would never have been able to dance on a team at any school except here for at Fontbonne.  Just another reason to love my school choice!


New School Year, New Beginnings

by Alumni Posts September 23, 2013

However difficult it is for me to say, I have begun my Junior year of college. The fact that half my time here at Fontbonne is already gone is something I don’t enjoy thinking about, but with this Junior year comes many opportunities. I’m ready for a new year, a new start. I hope to […]

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Griffins and Birds

by Alumni Posts April 15, 2013

It’s Spirit Week at Fontbonne this week, so there’s many special events to attend for us students. My favorite event of the week had to be the Cardinals game this past Tuesday. Throughout the year, Fontbonne provides us with the opportunity for discounted sports tickets. We got these tickets to the first night game of […]

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A Perfect Combination

by Alumni Posts March 5, 2013

Today I was able to incorporate the two things I enjoy most in my life: dance and fashion. As a fashion merchandising student in HES205: Apparel, Production, and Evaluation, I got the opportunity go to Weissman. Weissman is a dance costume and dancewear company with headquarters located right here in St. Louis. My class used […]

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Dedicated to My Griffin Girls!

by Alumni Posts March 4, 2013

Last month was my last official performance as a Fontbonne Griffin Girl! For those of you who don’t know, Griffin Girls is the Dance Team at Fontbonne. We mostly just perform at the halftime of the Men’s Basketball Games, but I know that the team is looking to grow by performing at other events and […]

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A Ladies Valentine’s Day

by Alumni Posts February 18, 2013

Today, as all of you know, is Valentine’s Day. I do have that special someone in my life I would have loved to be with, but because of school we were unable to be together. So what’s a girl to do when she’s alone on Valentine’s Day? Girl’s night! Tonight, after Griffin Girls practice,  most […]

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Back to School! Already?

by Alumni Posts February 11, 2013

Wow. I can hardly believe we’re already a few weeks into the spring semester at Fontbonne. So much has happened already, and the time has flown by. Just this week there was something exciting every day. My Monday’s this semester are packed full of classes all day and night, but Tuesday the Griffin Girls began […]

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