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One Month

by Alumni Posts on November 15, 2013

in College Life,In Saint Louis

We basically have a month until exams are over, thereby indicating the end of the fall 2013 semester and the beginning of Christmas break. What’s weird is that Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year, was just over two weeks ago!

Earlier today, my mom and I went shopping at Gravois Bluffs, a nice complex complete with department stores like Kohl’s, restaurants like Qdoba (my favorite!), and unique stores like Garden Ridge. It’s out in Fenton, Missouri, which is just about twenty minutes from where I live. Anyway, as we were walking through Kohl’s, I realized that I was hearing some of the first Christmas songs I’ve heard this season. It seems too soon for Christmas music! I recalled a lunchtime conversation at work this past week when my friend and fellow intern, Stefanie, told us that she put a gingerbread house kit in her cart while shopping only to put it back when she realized that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

I guess the early hustle and bustle of the holiday season is inevitable. The “Christmas Season” no longer begins with Thanksgiving and ends with the New Year as it used to; each year, the stores begin “celebrating” (aka “marketing”) earlier and earlier. I don’t exactly know how I feel about this – though I’ll admit to looking at the first shipment of Christmas decorations and whatnot displayed at stores in early September, I also enjoy taking the holidays one at a time. (And to that point, I’m sad that Halloween decorations at stores are becoming more and more overshadowed by early Christmas arrivals.) All I can say for sure is that I hope everyone realizes that family and friends are the most important parts of Christmas and that presents and excessive credit card bills are, well, simply excessive.


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