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WOW, it’s such a shock to me that the last few weeks of my undergraduate program are almost over. Graduation is so close and the anxiety is overwhelming to say the least, but I know that I can handle it. This year I have had the opportunity to do so much volunteering both on and off campus, take trips out of town, and I’ve even had my children attend some classes with me. I can remember plenty of days and nights where I couldn’t find a babysitter and my teachers told me to just bring my kids with me and they would have activities and snacks for them. Initially it was an embarrassment, but once I realized that my teachers and colleagues were supporting me and were excited to see me pushing to complete my degree I too became excited about my accomplishments.

It’s always exciting to have someone supporting you when you don’t believe that you are capable of completing a task. My teachers and Fontbonne as a whole has provided me with a long list of life lessons and opportunity that I wouldn’t have gotten at another institution. I was recently inducted into Phi Alpha, which is the National Honor Society for social workers and that too is a major accomplishment. On May 9, 2016, I will be graduating with honors and celebrating a moment of my life that I still can’t believe.Fontbonne Accomplishments


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