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Thank God for blessing me this year, so that I have enough grace to finish everything I should finish in 2013. Here is the list of what I did this year:

  • Continued to be a contributor for Real Life at Fontbonne blog
  • Became a social media specialist for Student Alumni Association of Fontbonne
  • Volunteered to play with patients at Children’s Hospital during the summer semester
  • Served as a graduate intern to help an annual health enhancement conference
  • Volunteered my time as a student intern at St. Louis Children’s Hospital
  • Completed my leadership shadowing at Health Literacy Missouri
  • Became a member of different associations in the field of healthcare
  • Kept my 4.0 GPA!

I didn’t realize how much work I finished this year until I wrote it down. I am very proud of myself, especially since I worked hard to be a responsible student and to keep my 4.0 GPA even though I attended many extracurricular activities. I know that I can’t complete so many tasks without support from the people around me. Therefore, I am very grateful for my dear God, family, friends, professors, and all the people who supported me and helped me. I’m truly blessed to have you all in my life. Thank you for your help in 2013!


The other day, in a midst of yet another “What crime have I committed to receive this unjust punishment of so much homework?” breakdown, my spirits were slightly raised when my father pointed out  (in a whiny phone call home) that this semester is halfway finished. Yes, we have reached the halfway mark. But just like the fifteen-mile bike ride that I do every Tuesday and Thursday morning after Organic lecture (bike time = me time), things only seem to get rougher from that point on. You’re dehydrated, the same songs on your iPod are boring you instead of making you push harder, and the lactic acid building up in your liver is making your muscles scream, “Get off the bike already so I can synthesize some ATP!”

No matter how tempted you may be at this point to completely give up on striving for a perfect GPA this semester because you’re too tired to finish out this semester as strongly as you started: don’t! When I feel the urge to get off the bike and do an easy ride “just this once”, I cut back on the resistance level instead so I can catch my breath for a minute before coming back. This weekend is your chance to cut back on your intensity level, too: take full advantage of the “Academic Study Day” (a weird title for a fall break, if you ask me) to get yourself together. Then, next week, come back stronger and ready to hit the books once again. After all, soon enough we’ll be cooling down and stretching out, which is pretty much the best feeling ever after you’ve pushed yourself to the limit.

Anyway…have a great week and I hope I didn’t totally alienate you with my lame analogy here.


P.S. Oh my goodness. Beirut was amazing at The Pageant last night. I never knew brass instruments could rock out like that!

“Scenic World” by Beirut


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