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Spring break I decided to hit a few golf balls. I never really took interest in the game because my life has always been about basketball, but now that it is over I said heck why not. My boyfriend and I went to South Carolina to this island called Daufuskie. The place is random but well known in the golf community. It is a private golf island that I have been going to for two decades now. Golf is the thing to do when you are older right? Well, my first instinct was to try to hit the ball as hard as I could but then I learned that isn’t necessary at all. After a dozen swings and whiffs I was taught to have a slow back swing and a faster follow through and what do you know I hit the ball every single time. (It may not have been a straight shot everytime but I did hit that small white thing) I am pretty proud of myself considering I never had the patience to play the sport, but I am looking forward to playing nine holes once I get a little better at my drive.


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