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Campus was busy this week. Sports were played well, events were held, but I want to talk about the sweet side of things.¬†National Student Speech Language Hearing Association held a donation-based bake sale. This was a broke college kid’s dream.

The bake sale was simple. Step one, walk up and give what you can. Step two, take some baked goods. I gave exactly 76 cents, basically what I had in my wallet. I walked away with a baked good for my class. The club manned the table themselves showing how hard working student organizations are at Fontbonne. The people manning the table were generally happy that you were giving what you could. I left with 76 cents less, but a sweet treat and some gratitude for giving.

Although this isn’t a big event on campus I believe it truly showcases who we are as a school.¬† Student organizations have the power to hold bake sales and create what they want. Small things like this make a small school. Seeing booths scattered in the halls at random times gives me, and I easily expect others, an element of surprise to break up a stressful day.

Today I got a chance to give to a student organization and receive something. Hope your day was as sweet as mine.


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Blood Drive

by Alumni Posts on October 6, 2011

in Campus Community

On Wednesday, October 5, the Psychology Club sponsored a blood drive. I’ve never given blood before but always wanted to. My grandfather, who died from leukemia when I was in grade school, used to give blood often because he was a rare blood type and wanted to help others. I was very close with him and it was hard when he died, so when I heard the there would be a blood drive right on campus, I knew I would donate in his honor.

To be honest, I was really nervous about giving blood. I’m not really a squeamish person but I was just a little uneasy about how it would work. But once I got there, I realized there was nothing to worry about. It didn’t hurt at all and I felt like I was in good hands. Before I even knew it, I was finished and free to go. But knowing that I helped someone else was such a great feeling.

One of the things about Fontbonne that I like the most is that there is always something to do on campus. Whether it is helping others by donating blood or going to watch a comedian at the DSAC on a Friday night. There is never a dull moment, which is great for someone like me who is always searching for something fun to do!


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