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Get Involved.

Picture this for a second: in about a week from now, we will be a month into the Fall semester! To some of you, Fontbonne is like any other University. You wake up, go to class, maybe participate in a sport or two; then at the end of the day, go back to your dorm and repeat the same thing again the next day. For the rest of us, it’s much more than a place that we spend four or more years just learning. It is a community/town of its own. And if that is not enough, zoom out a bit further and you will find yourself in the beautiful city of Clayton! Now, what do I mean by a sense of community? I mean that there is always something going on! One day you may be eating ice cream in the Golden Meadow, then participating in a dance marathon,  and later you may be petting a pup during finals week! Trust me when I say this: GET INVOLVED! Everyone knows that being active in extracurricular activities is a good thing (for resume purposes). Yes, you may have a heavy class load and maybe a job on top of that. That doesn’t mean that you can’t join an organization and have some fun along the way. You may only have four years of this. Don’t put yourself in the position in which you regret not doing something when you walk across the stage and receive your Diploma. Be active while you still have the chance! Until next time guys, stay classy!


Happy Friday, Fonties! Friday is my one day that I don’t have class (woo!), but typically tends to be the busiest. As President of the Fontbonne Activities Board (FAB), we have a meeting every Friday at 11:00 AM and (typically) an event at 8:00 PM. In between there, I’m usually spending time up in the Griffin’s Nest finishing up final details, running last minute errands, or just hanging out with other people from my team. So basically… all of my Friday’s are absolutely FABulous, but I wouldn’t change a thing.


Tonight, you can find me in the Lewis Room at the Slam Poetry event. Carlos Andres Gomez will be taking the stage at 8PM. (If you’re free…you should come. He’s stellar.) FAB is co-hosting this event with BSU and I seriously cannot wait. (This is all real enthusiasm – I promise.) Check Carlos out on YouTube – you won’t be disappointed!


Currently, I’m getting ready to leave to run some errands for an event we are hosting next Monday. You know what’s on my shopping list? Aluminum pie tins and whipped cream. Why? We are hosting a Dance Marathon Fundraiser where six student leaders can get pied in the face. One pie costs $2 OR you can purchase 3 for $5. Oh, and I’m one of those six student leaders that you can pie. I’m really excited (and nervous) because the event has been talked about A LOT.  All the proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network. Excited? Slightly interested? Want to support a good cause? Grab your cash and head to the Meadow on Monday at 11! (My mom is personally sending me with $5 so that someone can pie me in the face for her THREE TIMES. Thanks, mom.) All in all, it’s for a great cause and I cannot wait to see how much money we raise For The Kids!

~ Brooke

PS If you would like to help support our efforts in raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network head to our team page for more information!


Hello, blogosphere! My name is Brooke Stochl and I am a senior here at Fontbonne University. I am currently pursuing a double major in Psychology and Sociology (Woo, Behavioral Sciences!). While at Fontbonne, I also dove head first into involvement. On campus, I have been involved in the Psychology Club, QUEST Leadership Program, the Orientation Team, Fontbonne Activities Board (FAB), and Griffin Gang. Wondering what all of those things mean? I’ll give you the low down on each of them.

Psychology Club – Psych Club is a student organization for Psych students or students interested in Psychology. Psych Club hosts various events on campus throughout the school year. A main focus of Psych Club is to serve others and raise money. (Blood Drive, Card Drive, Bake Sale, etc.) Not a Psych major? No worries! Your major may just have a club of their very own.

QUEST Leadership Program – QUEST has continued to grow over the past few years. Within QUEST, you will gain skills to help you achieve and succeed in personal development, professional development, and organizational development. (You’ll learn your strengths and how you can apply those in many different avenues, plus you’ll gain skills for time management, conflict management, and so much more!) This year, they added two new ‘peaks’ to the QUEST Phases. I personally have completed the first 3 Phases, but plan to finish the other two, if possible, before I graduate! Looking for more information on QUEST? Click here!

Orientation Team – Our orientation team is currently called the WING (Welcoming In New Griffins) team, but has been called FOCUS (Fontbonne Orientation Committee Uniting Students) in the past. Have you heard both of these around campus? No worries – they both mean orientation (aka my favorite time of the year). The orientation team is in charge of welcoming our First Year-First Time students to campus in the fall. We do so through energetic games, tours around campus, connecting with faculty, and a continuous list of activities that I could probably write about forever. Interested in being an orientation leader? Applications go live at the beginning of next semester – so keep your eyes open!

Fontbonne Activities Board – (AKA FAB) FAB is the primary programming board on campus. This year we have 26 events planned ranging from Movies in the Meadow, Concerts in the Caf’, Off Campus excursions, and so much more. This year is my second year as President and I honestly LOVE IT. My time spent with FAB has created some of my favorite memories at Fontbonne. I could go on and on, so I’ll save that for a later blog! Want more information on FAB or updates on what we’re doing? Check out our Facebook page!

Griffin Gang – Griffin Gang is the spirit initiative on campus. This student org is pretty cool because 1) its getting students engaged outside of the classroom and supporting athletics and 2) it’s SUPER YOUNG and SUPER SUCCESSFUL. Honestly, I was at Fontbonne when Griffin Gang was “born”. (Crazy, right?) Griffin Gang started up my sophomore year, which was when I was involved with the team. Since then, Griffin Gang’s numbers have increased and they are doing great things! Honestly… you should check them out. They have punch cards for their sponsored games and once you reach 10 punches – you get a free Griffin Gang t-shirt. (And who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?)

In high school, I was pretty disengaged and didn’t enjoy my experience too much. By the time graduation rolled around – I was ready to be out of that place! Four years later, I am happy little Griffin and refusing to count down the days until I walk across the stage in May. (PS I just did an online countdown generator – I still have over 200 days to enjoy on campus!) Do you know why I love this place so much? Because I am so connected. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Get involved! Find something that you enjoy and run with it. It will make your experience as a Griffin 174,859x better, I promise.

~ Brooke


So. My last blog was apparently quite entertaining to read. So entertaining, in fact, that it was a recommended read for my chemistry professor, who somehow managed to find it online (Embarrassing…? Or slightly creepy because he obviously Googled me?). So, if you understand lame, albeit funny, science jokes, then yes, I will agree with the statement that that was probably the best blog I’ve ever written. If you don’t understand those jokes, well, then, you probably thought my last blog was no different than the rest. Anyway, what I’m getting at here is that my blog this week will probably not live up to the hype of last week’s, simply because I think I may have fractured my humerus last week with all of that funny business and figured it was in my best interest to give it a rest this week (Sorry! I couldn’t resist that one! I’ll shut up now!).

This weekend I’ve come to a harsh realization: my résumé is seriously lacking. Meaning, yeah, I have a great GPA and am starting to have this weird fondness for studying. But that good GPA and the fact that I like to study aren’t going to make me stand out when I apply for my next four years of schooling when I graduate. As much as I hate to admit it, I need to find a way to get more involved.

I suppose that’s why this morning I found myself procrastinating on going for my run (insisting that a wind chill of seven was too chilly. Baloney!) and baking cookies for the SHESA bake sale instead. Or maybe I found myself baking cookies for SHESA because I have to attend meetings, as required by one of my classes. Either way, the fact that I’m only being involved in this club simply because it’s required of me by a professor is not a good sign. I need to get involved! Maybe not just with SHESA, per se, but in other things that relate to what I want to do as well.

This realization came about late Saturday night as I was listening to the wonderfully talented Andrew Bird and working on a draft of my résumé, an assignment for the same aforementioned class that I attend SHESA meetings for. There were a couple of things I could’ve added to the draft to make it seem fuller, but those activities were tasks I had randomly taken on in a spirit of, “Oh! There’s a flyer for something that looks slightly interesting! I need to get involved! What the heck, right?” that I experienced freshman year. In my wiser state of mind this year, however, I have learned to avoid getting involved with something simply because a.) I “need” to get involved and b.) I was intrigued by a flyer promoting the organization. If I was still as naïve as my little freshman self, letting flyers around campus persuade me into joining random organizations and activities that I have no interest in whatsoever, you might find me running around a field this spring with a lacrosse stick, as I found the poster in Medaille promoting the girls’ lacrosse team to be quite fascinating. In other words, the situation would not be pretty. Sure, my résumé would be jam-packed. But if I resorted to this method of finding ways to get involved, who knows? I may come out with more than a fractured humerus in the end.

And quite frankly, who wants that?

So. The point of my ramble is this: get involved, but don’t get involved with things that you don’t really care about simply for the sake of being involved, as I did freshman year. I came to the conclusion, just now, that maybe it’s not how much you have on your résumé, but what you have on it. I’d rather have a few activities listed that I can talk knowledgably and passionately about, rather than a ton of stuff that I have no words for.

So with that idea in mind, I’ll be attending my second BSO meeting tomorrow afternoon. At least I know my lame science jokes will be welcome there. If not, I suppose I can always make like some hydrogen atoms on an NMR and split.

Have a wonderfully wonderful week!


P.S. Since I’m pretty much in love with Jamie xx’s (from the band the xx…duh.) music, this week’s song is “Islands” by the xx. Super cool video.


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